Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Treaty at Palmer Park

Over the course of the last six weeks Alex Nichols has prodded, slandered and generally ruined any chance of ever regaining my social standing in the Colorado Springs running community. He has called my bet and pushed all his chips into the pot. 

My response? Never bend to a tyrant. Nothing would please Alex more than to beat me in four consecutive races (although his use of murderous flying insects has drawn international scorn). So my only choice is to deny him this very satisfaction. 

I will leave the Fall Series with my honor intact. I shall sabbatical in the desert of the Southwest for an undetermined amount of time (Sunday probably). Where upon I will pursue great spiritual and homeopathic healing. 

So enjoy your spoils Mr. Nichols as I abdicate my position on the starting line. Your hollow victory shall be remembered for my absence. 

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