Sunday, November 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Mr. Prez...I Got You a Race!

     This is my first post for Team Colorado and I'd like to use it to recognize our beloved Prez, who will soon be adding another proverbial ring to his tree trunk. Birthdays indeed offer great opportunities for celebration, however this particular upcoming occasion begs the question: "How exactly do you honor someone for whom 'Movember' is year-round?"

Now where'd I put those 11 pens, 3 sharpies and that Marks-A-Lot? Photo and styling credit: Maddy

       Well if you asked him, I'm sure the Prez would love a fine craft beer...but instead I'm giving him a race! And not just any race, an Ugly Christmas Sweater 5K/1M race to be exact! When it comes to gifts, beer is tough to beat. But here are the TOP 10 REASONS WHY THIS SWEATER RACE is the best gift ever, and why YOU, should join the partay.

10.  Races and birthday hats go together like peanut butter and jelly!

The Gang Celebrating Chef d'Epuipe Amy's Birthday at the Pikes Peak Sports Super Bowl Half Marathon

9.There'll be post race soup!
The Prez, hoping for Lobster Bisque. Photo:
8. You are guaranteed to set your Ugly Sweater 5k PR.

The author channeling his inner Blitzen at the 2011 event. Photo: The Gazette

7. If, for some reason, this isn't your fastest 5k in a sweater, you can still win prizes for simply wearing an Ugly Sweater.

6. will be there so you can get your picture taken with Topo Gigio for free.

5. Everyone loves a HooRag!

4. Pearl iZUMi will be there letting you test drive their shoes. They'll also be awarding a pair to the top 3 male and female finishers.

3. In addition to shoes, overall winners will receive hand painted plates courtesy of some of our friends with cerebral palsy and Color Me Mine.
Nothing beats handmade prizes!

2. I know for a fact that there are conflicting races and fat-ass runs on December 7th. But I also know that if you want any chance of witnessing a SWANTS DANCE OFF, you'll have to be at this race!

1. The event benefits the Cerebral Palsy Association of Colorado Springs, a non-profit group that has helped folks in our community with neuromuscular disorders for over 60 years. Proceeds go towards helping families pay for medical bills, supporting a loan closet for medical equipment like wheelchairs and walkers, and sending kids to specialized camps.

     Sure, a beer along with a personalized song may have been the more obvious gift choice. But thanks to control top panty hose and the Emma Crawford Coffin Races, I, along with many of my Team Coloradoans, have met my women's clothing quota for the year.

     So on December 7th, come join Team Colorado for the party! Flaunt your most hideous holiday attire, your tackiest top, or your craziest cardigan . Bring your family, your friends, and your holiday spirit (but leave your sense of fashion at home) and join us for the UGLIEST event in town. I'll bring the party hats! You can register here and be sure to like us on Facebook or follow the race blog for event updates. Swants!

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