Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Scales of Hydration

I grew up in the temperate Bay Area as a youth and promptly ventured out to the deeps of The South for roughly a decade n' change. 


Up to that point I really went from not sweating to ending runs drenched in exercise induced funk. I never really made any attempt at hydrating during runs, and the few times I did were mired in equipment frustration.

Then I moved to the desert.

I had to take  my hydration serious out here, or you know, die. I started running with an older Ultimate Direction handheld. It worked great and was no sweat when I refilled at gas stations during the summer, to the utter disbelief of attendants that I had arrived under the power of my own two feet from the broiling desert. 

Then I moved to Colorado.

This place has been equally demanding in a hydration sense. Somehow without searing heat I can still return home looking like I had tried to find the prize in a children's cereal box face first.

I've recently had the pleasure of trying out two new Ultimate Direction products:

Review: This thing is crazy light! Same classic Ultimate Direction bottle and industry best Kicker Valve. The Grip is your go-to bottle for medium length runs or the super minimalist crowd. Surprisingly the 1/2 oz (!) strap is extremely sturdy and never required readjustment. This my weekday hydration choice without hesitation. 

Review: Looking for a hand-held  that can carry a gel or two, key, credit card, but not feel like you are lugging around a Christmas fruitcake? Then the Fastdraw Plus is your bottle. With barely any added weight, you can plan for a longer adventure while carrying needed essentials out on the trail. The ergonomic hand grip allows you to relax your hand while running and focus on avoiding getting lost on the trail.

The Tale of the Tape:

The Winner Is:  
A tie!

Both Hand Helds are the best I've used and you can't go wrong with either.

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