Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Prediction Time

RunColo.com has a prediction contest for the once-hairy Peter "the Prez" Maksimow in his third attempt of the Greenland Trail 50K in Larkburg, CO on May the 4th. 

Just to show you how much people believe in him, someone named "Schlonge" said "Peter is a man among men. He drinks Manta and doesn't hide the fact that he loves it!? Peter will do all of us proud and run a 2:57.7. Good luck Peter!"

We are not quite sure what Manta is, but it does sound delicious! And we think Schlonge may be an alias.

"It only hurts after 25 miles!"                                      Photo: Steve Glass

Predict Peter's time for a chance to win a pair of Inov-8 shoes and a pack of Bic razors (little do they know that he has shaved since last year!). 

Monday, April 29, 2013

The Mountain Season Has Begun!

At the Cheyenne Mountain Trail Race 25K/50K, Team Coloradans kicked off the official beginning of the mountain running season. How do you know when it is the mountain running season? Well, the weather is warm, of course, and all the runners are wearing their skimpy jersey's and short-shorts.

Axel looking svelte in his new inov-foot jersey                        photo: PikesPeakSports.us

Axel Nichols took the plunge and ran the 50K, after being sick for the whole week with the H1N1 or something with a letter-number combination, and shared the lead for the first half of the race with a guy that has no toe nails (apparently, toenails can be medically removed nowadays--I guess that is what ultra runners do). Not Axel, he still has all of his toenails and went on to take the win with a new course record of 3:51:06. Nichols is preparing for some European-style racing as he will compete in the Zegama SkyMarathon in Spain at the end of May.

Watch the Axel interview on PikesPeakSports.us

Next time you are thinking about having your toenails removed, you should reconsider. Plus, it's just creepy!

In the 25k, Tommy Manning stuck to his instincts and went out to the front of the pack to create his own pack (one-man style). After leading for 8 miles of the race, Manning eventually finished in a time of 1:53:03, good for 3rd place overall.

As usual, Tommy establishing his one man wolf pack with other wolves on the hunt        photo:PikesPeakSports.us

We would also like to give a huge congrats to honorary Team Colorado member, Brandy Erholtz, who not only won the 25K but did it three months pregnant. It hasn't slowed her down at all, she can still talk 250 words a minute.

Congrats Brandy!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

How Many Are in THIS Wolf Pack!?

After a long winter of hibernation, Tommy "One Man Wolf Pack" Manning, has come back on the scene and underscored his nickname by running alone and winning the Big Mountain Trail Race half marathon in 1:32:23.

Tommy establishing a "One Man Wolf Pack"                          photo: www.PikesPeakSport.us
He received a little competition from some guy who has a personal bag caddy...well, not really!

Results and interview

Manning is a teacher at the Fountain Valley School of Colorado and is organizing the Ha-Hatse Sachini Run/Walk 5k, that will take place Sunday, April 28, 2013. Please come out to support this great event. Proceeds benefit the Fountain Valley School Native American Scholarship Fund.

Form more information, contact Tommy Manning at race@fvs.edu or www.fvs.edu/haha5k

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Inov-8 f-lite 232 shoe review

Why go with a 232 when a 230 is lighter!?

Here’s why!

My first idea of this shoe was that it was going to be exactly like the ƒ-lite 230’s…just 2 grams heavier, and who wants to haul around that extra 2 grams!? Not my skinny ass!

When I received the ƒ-lite 232, I was pleasantly surprised at a number of tweaks and changes made compared to the traditional ƒ-lite models.

The most noticeable attribute is the new addition of the “anatomic fit” to the ƒ-lite line, offering a curved last and roomy toebox, compared to the narrow and straight “performance fit” of the previous ƒ-lite models. This “anatomic fit” allows the toes to spread in a more natural fashion to cover more surface area on landing and take off. With the “natural running” kick becoming more prevalent, the demand for a “natural” feel is gaining ground (pun intended). Previously, the entire line of ƒ-lites was only available in the “performance fit.” Not too comfortable if you happen to be blessed with a wide forefoot.

The midsole foam compound of the 232 is much more cushy and responsive than the previous ƒ-lite midsole, leading to a softer overall ride. The previous midsole tended to be firm, offering a harder ride which could get bothersome running on harder surfaces such as concrete for extended periods of time. Who invented concrete anyway!? It sucks!

My beef with shoes that are now being offered in a lower drop or zero-drop, is that companies tend to take the cushioning out of the midsole so that all you are left with is a outsole and a upper, which is fine if you love your foot gloves or your five-fingers! I tend to cringe when hearing the dreaded term “zero-drop”. The 232s have a Shoc-Zone of zero, which means that they don’t have a ramp angle, or a differential, or a drop, or whatever the kids are saying now days. I do not cringe, however, when I run in the 232s because the midsole, although very low profile and minimal in design and function, offers adequate protection and cushion for my little footsies. A novel feature for such a lightweight, zero-drop, performance shoe.

Some things remain the same: the Meta-Flex groove, allowing a natural flex point in the forefoot, and Fascia Band which mimics the ‘Windless Effect’, sort of like adding NOS (not the rapper) to your Subaru or a Flux Capacitor to your DeLorean. Wild, huh!?

Now the ƒ-lite line offers a gender specific fit (a more narrow heel for females) with specific gender colors. The women even get a lighter shoe weighing in at 219 grams for the comparable model. That is not helping gender equality.

These shoes have taken on the potholed roads of Savannah, GA, scrabbled over the craggy trails of the Pikes Peak Region and carried me 4 times around the track in less than 5 minutes. You will also never be missed again thanks the sunburst color and baby blue highlights are akin to wearing the sun with cake frosting highlights on your feet. The competition will know you have come to compete! After wearing them for some time now, I could care less about the extra 2 grams of weight. I could always take the lucky penny out of my shoe to cut the weight, but, then again, how much does 2 grams really matter when you need the luck?

Note: This was a prototype model, production models may vary slightly but the colors will remain vibrant!

Review by some guy named Pedro Maximus

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tortoise & Hare, Lake Sonoma 50 and the Boston Marathon

It was a busy, exciting and eventful weekend for Team Colorado.

To start it off, team members Simon Gutierrez and Neil McDonagh ran a local Colorado Springs race, put on by the Pikes Peak Road Runners, called the Tortoise and Hare 5k. This race had a handicap structure, which was based on each participant's age, height, weight and gender. So, in theory, the slower runners would be given a head start of those who were faster. The first runner had a 17 min headstart on those who who were "faster".

Big McD showing all teeth en route to running a 15:24 5k, having to pass everyone but one person in the field   photo:  PikesPeakSports.us

Gute had a 2 min 20 sec handicap while Big McD was given a 56 sec handicap. They finished in 3rd and 4th overall but captured the 2nd (16:27) and 1st (15:24) fastest times, respectively.

Had he worn less voluminous shoes, Gute might have won!       photo: PikesPeakSports.us

Tortoise and Hare 5k results

Out in California, at the Lake Sonoma 50 mile race, new team member, Sage Canaday, faced off against some of the best ultra runners and won in a new course record time of 6:14:55. Rickey Gates had a difficult day, after being among the leaders, finishing 17th in 7:14:19.

Canaday goes bare chested on his way to winning the Lake Sonoma 50               photo: iRunFar

iRunFar.com had live coverage of the race.

He found his shirt along the way                                                          photo: iRunFar

iRunFar.com interview with Sage Canaday.

At the 117th Boston Marathon, Glenn Randall kept to his typical race tactics and confirmed that "pulling a Glenn Randall" is not a showboating way to get TV time, but shows how aggressive he is when it comes to important races. Randall went through the 10k only 2 seconds slower than in 2012, with a 31:04, which just goes to show that the the Kenyans and/or Ethiopians who ended up winning were really dogging it at the beginning.

Randall did have a successful day posting a 23rd place overall finish in a time of 2:20:56.

That is what we call "Randalling it."

"Randalling it"
Sadly, at the 4 hr 10 min point in the race, two synchronized explosions occurred near the finish line wounding over 150 (and growing) and killing 3, including an 8 year old boy. This was a tragic turn of events from a celebratory and historic event to a scar on the marathon, the city of Boston and the international field of athletes who participated.

In the above photo, Glenn is passing the exact spot where the first explosion occurred 1 hour and 49 minutes later.

Our thoughts are with all of those who injured and lost their lives. It's difficult to imagine anything positive in this, but Mr. Rogers summed it up best.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

We are hoping for a good "Randalling" at the 2013 Boston Marathon

So, RunColo.com has a prediction contest as to what Glenn Randall will go through the 10k at the Boston Marathon on Monday April 15, 2013. This came about when Randall broke free of the leaders in the 2012 edition of the Boston Marathon and proceeded to gap the field, which included world class runners, leading a lot of people to say "this guy is just trying to get a bit of fame". 

This was nothing out of the ordinary.

What most people that haven't raced against him don't know is that Glenn is no fluke. No, Randall's race tactics are very consistent: he always goes out fast and is often very successful in his tactics.

Just to name a few...

2010 Pikes Peak Ascent
  Randall leading 10 meters into the 2010 Pikes Peak Ascent                         photo: PikesPeakSports.us

A half mile into the 2010 Pikes Peak Ascent...look familiar? Christian Murdock/The Gazette

2012 Mt. Washington Road Race
Randall "Randalling it" 200 meters into the 2012 Mt. Washington Road Race, where Team Colorado established their first Team National Championship (note: Max King (the "King"), Sage Canaday (one of us now), Marco De Gasperi (6-time World Mtn. Running Champion), Simon "Gute" Gutierrez, among others, being crop dusted by GR himself)      photo: The beautiful Nora Duane

2012 Boston Marathon (where the term "Pulling a Glenn Randall" became famous)
Randall "Randalling it" at the 2012 Boston Marathon     photo: Randalling Productions

2012 World Mountain Running Championships
Randall showing some tongue en route to a 9th place finish, and first American, at the 2012 World Mtn Running Championships                photo: US Mountain Running

The Boston Marathon falls on a Massachusetts holiday called Patriots' Day, a holiday that commemorates the anniversary of the Battles of Lexington and Concord, the first battles of the American Revolutionary War. The Boston Red Sox traditionally have a home game which takes place on Patriots' Day during the marathon.

Ask Randall if he is worried about what people would say about his race tactics at the 2012 Boston Marathon and he would just quote the late, great Dr. Suess. "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

We at Team Colorado don't mind at all. Have a great race and give them a good "Randalling" out there!

We are cheering for you Glenn, take it out in 30 flat for the first 10k!!
You can take the Randall out of the Moose, but you can't take the Moose out of the Randall    
photo: Randalling Productions

You can follow Glenn and the rest of the runners at the 2013 Boston Marathon on the live stream. Watch for #35...he'll be out front!

Canaday wins Lake Sonoma 50 in CR time

In his first race as a Team Colorado member, Sage Canaday takes on a heavy field of competitors at the Lake Sonoma 50 mile. With his time of 6:14:55, he established a new Course Record, surpassing the 2012 time of 6:17:27 run by Dakota Jones.

It must have been his new beverage sponsor, Avery Brewing Co.!
Sage cleaning up in a new CR                                                              photo: iRunFar 
Team Colorado's Rickey Gates finished in 17th place with a 7:14:19, after being in 6th place at the 30 mile mark.

Nice races fellas!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Team Colorado Welcomes Sage Canaday

Newly crowned US 100K Champion, Sage Canaday, joins Team Colorado. 

Canaday wins his first US 100K National Championship at Bandera in CR time            photo: endurophoto.com

NameSage Canaday


Hometown: Sheridan, OR

Current residence: Boulder, CO

Sponsors: SCOTT Sports, Flora Health, Avery Brewing, Ultimate Direction, Smith Optics, Strava, Drymax 

Personal Bests: 5k: 14:29, 10k: 29:47, half marathon: 1:04:32, Marathon 2:16:52, Mt. WA: 58:26

Notable Achievements: 2012 US Mountain Running Champion, USATF 100km trail champion

Goals for 2013: Become one of the best mountain-ultra-trail runners in the World

Favorite trails: Bear Peak West Ridge in Boulder

Favorite workout: Uphill Tempo Run

Favorite races: Mt. Washington, Chicago Marathon

Favorite beer style/brewery: IPAs, Avery Brewing in Boulder

What else do you have to say about yourself: I get lost a lot while running on trails

Sage, along with Rickey Gates, will be running the Lake Sonoma 50 tomorrow--all the best! 

Oh yeah, don't get lost out there, Sage!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Reservoirs and Trails

This past weekend a few Team Colorado members took to the reservoirs and trails.

The newest team member, Neil McDonagh, aka Big McD, took on some of the top Coloradan road runners in his first official race as a member of TC, placing 3rd OA in 26:03 at USATF CO State 5 Mile Championships run at the Boulder Reservoir. This race was part of the Boulder Spring Half Marathon and 10 Mile. 5k on St. Patrick's Day winner, Scott Dahlberg, placed 2nd in 25:24 and, aptly named, Andy Wacker took the win in 25:02. 

With this time, McDonagh has established a new Team Colorado 5 mile record. Nice start to your tenure, Neil!

A slimming photo of Big McD               photo: PikesPeakSports.us

5 Mile Results

Simon "Gute" Gutierrez and Tommy "One Man Wolf Pack" Manning took on the trails on Cheyenne Mountain State Park for the XTERRA Cheyenne Mountain State Park trail races.

Gute showed everyone a clean pair of Hokas on his way to winning the 5k in 24:12, while constantly thinking he was lost and off course along the ill-marked, nay, unmarked, 5K course which really turned out to be 3.6 miles. Advise to XTERRA: get a measuring wheel or at least a GPS! Eyeballing it doesn't work!

With his time, Gute has now established the slowest 5K time in the Team Colorado annals. Hey, a record is a record! You can't blame him, he is the older member of the team.

Gute leading the youngins                                          photo: PikesPeakSports.us
Manning, after battling a cold and illness for several months, has emerged from his cave to get back onto the running scene. He placed 5th OA in the 24K in 1:37:25. 

There is only one man that travels in his wolf pack!

Manning establishing his one man wolf pack                             photo: PikesPeakSports.us
5K Results (actually, 3.6 miles)

24K Results (why not 25K?)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Team Colorado Welcomes Neil McDonagh to the Team

Welcoming the newest members of Team Colorado to…well, Team Colorado!

Neil McDonagh

31 years old (LeBron’s mom minus 13)

San Francisco, CA

Current residence:
Manitou Springs, CO

JAM!!! That’s Good
[Place your ad here]

Personal Bests:
1500m: 3:46 /5k: 14:20
10k: 30:12 / 12k: 36:45 / ½ Marathon: 1:04:19 / Marathon: 3:25 (not a typo)

Notable Achievements:
Member of the record setting 13-man centipede at the 2012- Bay to Breakers
Honor Roll – one semester in college

Goals for 2013:
Have a blast running, everything usually falls into place after that.

Favorite trails:
Barr Trail
Intemann Trail
Any trail is good long as I get home eventually.

Favorite workout:
Long fartlek workouts
Progression long runs
Being really far away from the track

Favorite races:
Bay to Breakers
Soulstice Trail Run
Any race in New Orleans

riftvalleyrunning.blogspot.com  (it’s old but kept it while in Kenya)

Favorite beer:
Anchor Steam, although CO has a bazillion awesome oat-soda options!

What else to you have to say for yourself:
I’m certain that I was the only runner at the 2012 Olympic Trials Marathon who had previously run a marathon but yet failed to have a Boston qualifier.

Had the same Timex watch for 5 yrs and went through roughly 8 replacement bands/batteries. It finally bit the dust last month, buried it in the yard.