Monday, April 29, 2013

The Mountain Season Has Begun!

At the Cheyenne Mountain Trail Race 25K/50K, Team Coloradans kicked off the official beginning of the mountain running season. How do you know when it is the mountain running season? Well, the weather is warm, of course, and all the runners are wearing their skimpy jersey's and short-shorts.

Axel looking svelte in his new inov-foot jersey                        photo:

Axel Nichols took the plunge and ran the 50K, after being sick for the whole week with the H1N1 or something with a letter-number combination, and shared the lead for the first half of the race with a guy that has no toe nails (apparently, toenails can be medically removed nowadays--I guess that is what ultra runners do). Not Axel, he still has all of his toenails and went on to take the win with a new course record of 3:51:06. Nichols is preparing for some European-style racing as he will compete in the Zegama SkyMarathon in Spain at the end of May.

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Next time you are thinking about having your toenails removed, you should reconsider. Plus, it's just creepy!

In the 25k, Tommy Manning stuck to his instincts and went out to the front of the pack to create his own pack (one-man style). After leading for 8 miles of the race, Manning eventually finished in a time of 1:53:03, good for 3rd place overall.

As usual, Tommy establishing his one man wolf pack with other wolves on the hunt

We would also like to give a huge congrats to honorary Team Colorado member, Brandy Erholtz, who not only won the 25K but did it three months pregnant. It hasn't slowed her down at all, she can still talk 250 words a minute.

Congrats Brandy!

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