Monday, September 17, 2012

Maksimow is Crowned USATF CO 25K State Champ at LeadKing

On Sunday Sept 16, the LeadKing Loop 25K in beautiful Marble, CO, which also served as the USATF CO State 25K Championship, crowed Team Colorado's Peter Maksimow as the 25K State Champion. Maksimow lead from start to finish, finishing in 1:53:53, but was challenged by J. Marshall Thompson the entire race, who finished 7 seconds behind. Former UCCS runner, Casey Weaver, came in at the 3rd spot in 2:06:51.

                                The prize: A new marble shoe

The LeadKing Loop 25k started at an elevation of 7,950, climbed to 10,900 in the first 5.3 miles before descending down rocky scree and boulder-ridden jeep trail to the finish. Maksimow placed 2nd in 2011 to teammate Alex Nichols, but with his win could not break the course record of 1:51:06 set by Nichols.

This State title is added to the 50K State title Maksimow won at the Greenland Trail 50k in May.

Myriah Blair won the women's overall title and USATF CO Championship, running 2:22:29. Shari Marshall placed 2nd and was the first Master in 2:26:24. Jennifer Mendez rounded out the top three coming in at 2:31:32.

                      Icing the legs in Beaver Lake after a long race

Full Results here
Colorado Runner Magazine write up

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Incline Beer Mile: Like a regular beer mile, only with 2,000 feet of vertical gain!

The inaugural Incline Beer Mile took place on Saturday Sept. 8th and saw two Team Colorado members, Peter Maksimow (center-1st) and Justin Ricks (left-3rd), make the podium (OK, they were just rocks at the top of the Incline, but whatever!). Andy Catalano finished second.

    The makeshift podium atop the Incline

The Incline climbs nearly 2,000 vertical feet in one mile....add 4 beers and it makes for a very interesting competition.

Here were the rules:

1. No "light" beers
2. Carry your own beer
3. Drink every 400 meters (or what seems like 400 meters)
4. Keep track of your own time
5. If you puke, you must go back to the beginning if you haven't passed the halfway point or back to the halfway point if you have breeched that point
6. Don't kill yourself!

     The trick is to really look like a homeless person while training for this event. Peter did just that. (Note: bag in
    hand, ungroomed facial hair, "Where's Anton?" shirt)

Second place finisher, Andy Catalano (right), battling a random shirtless guy in the final meters, claimed that this was more difficult than his 6th place at the 2012 Leadville Trail 100

  Justin Ricks coming in at third position with his sack full o' cans

                             Justin almost got his thumb raised after the finish

                                          Fourth place finisher, Jeff Mohrmann--he lost his shirt along the way                             

    Here the finishers heckle race organizer JT (short for Jans Thrasher) as he brings up the rear. Even this little
    kid beat him to the top!

    Justin using the aid of a tree to stay upright after he finishes

    Top three finishers doing that stupid biting-of-the-medals-thing that Olympians do when the win medals. It's
    not so stupid when you do it with beer cans!

Thanks to our sponsors....wait, we didn't have any sponsors!

Here are the (unofficial) official results:

1. Peter Maksimow - 25:45
2. Andy Catalano - 27:49
3. Justin Ricks - 31:30

4. Jeff Mohrmann - 31:32
5. Jay ??
6. Paul DeWitt - 36:10 (results are being reviewed to see if he puked before or after the finish; he still might owe us half a lap)

7. Brooks Williams - 39:30
8. JT - 50:13

9. Andy Wooten - 1:02:19
10. Mike Porach - 1:06
11. Chris (First Woman ) - ?
12. Robbie Pike - 1:25:25 (no relation to the Peak)
12. Matt Laubhan - 1:25:25

The question of the day was "Where's Anton?"

Special thanks to Denise Ricks and Brandon Stapanowich for their visual documentation!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Ricks Regains his ADT Marathon Title, Once Again

Team Colorado's Justin Ricks regained his American Discovery Trail Marathon title on Labor Day, running 2:36:12.

He set the course record back in 2009 with a 2:32:30, but that was broken by fellow TC teammate Alex Nichols the next year in 2:30:32. Ricks finally returned to race, which starts at Palmer Lake and runs south along the Santa Fe Trail culminating at America The Beautiful Park in Colorado Springs, after a two year hiatus and a whole lot of miles and races in his legs.

    Ricks high-fiving his cheering son Malachi along the course                                                                  Photo: Denise Ricks

He recently competed in the Speed Goat 50K at the end of July, then ran the 6-day, 120-mile Gore-Tex Trans Rockies Run in mid-August. So, taking the altitude and terrain into account, Justin really ran a marathon time of 1:53:13 if you use the reliable Paul Ryan Time Calculator.

    Ricks takes a Puebloan West shower after the race                                                                                      Photo: Denise Ricks

Results and video can be found at

                            Yeaaaah, that's a nice shower!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Team Colorado Runners Represent U.S.A. at Mountain Running World Champs

At the 28th running of the World Mountain Running Championships on Sept. 2, in Ponte Di Legno, Italy, Team members Glenn Randall and Tommy Manning placed 9th (1:05:48) and 60th (1:10:38), respectively, to lead the US Men's team to a 4th place finish. This 14.1K kilometer course was mainly uphill but did include a 400 meter downhill section between 3 and 4 kilometers along with a  200 meter downhill finish. Other U.S. men were Sage Canaday - 12th, Joe Gray - 14th, Eric Blake - 53rd, and Tim Chirchester - 89th.

Senior Men's Results.

    Randall finishing 9th as the top American                                                                                           photo: Nancy Hobbs

The U.S. women captured the gold medal as Morgan Aritola made the podium in 3rd place. Coloradans Stevie Kremer - 7th, Melody Fairchild - 8th and Brandy Erholtz - 40th rounded out the winning team.

Senior Women's Results.

Write up for the Senior Men's Team.