Friday, September 7, 2012

Ricks Regains his ADT Marathon Title, Once Again

Team Colorado's Justin Ricks regained his American Discovery Trail Marathon title on Labor Day, running 2:36:12.

He set the course record back in 2009 with a 2:32:30, but that was broken by fellow TC teammate Alex Nichols the next year in 2:30:32. Ricks finally returned to race, which starts at Palmer Lake and runs south along the Santa Fe Trail culminating at America The Beautiful Park in Colorado Springs, after a two year hiatus and a whole lot of miles and races in his legs.

    Ricks high-fiving his cheering son Malachi along the course                                                                  Photo: Denise Ricks

He recently competed in the Speed Goat 50K at the end of July, then ran the 6-day, 120-mile Gore-Tex Trans Rockies Run in mid-August. So, taking the altitude and terrain into account, Justin really ran a marathon time of 1:53:13 if you use the reliable Paul Ryan Time Calculator.

    Ricks takes a Puebloan West shower after the race                                                                                      Photo: Denise Ricks

Results and video can be found at

                            Yeaaaah, that's a nice shower!

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