Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Incline Beer Mile: Like a regular beer mile, only with 2,000 feet of vertical gain!

The inaugural Incline Beer Mile took place on Saturday Sept. 8th and saw two Team Colorado members, Peter Maksimow (center-1st) and Justin Ricks (left-3rd), make the podium (OK, they were just rocks at the top of the Incline, but whatever!). Andy Catalano finished second.

    The makeshift podium atop the Incline

The Incline climbs nearly 2,000 vertical feet in one mile....add 4 beers and it makes for a very interesting competition.

Here were the rules:

1. No "light" beers
2. Carry your own beer
3. Drink every 400 meters (or what seems like 400 meters)
4. Keep track of your own time
5. If you puke, you must go back to the beginning if you haven't passed the halfway point or back to the halfway point if you have breeched that point
6. Don't kill yourself!

     The trick is to really look like a homeless person while training for this event. Peter did just that. (Note: bag in
    hand, ungroomed facial hair, "Where's Anton?" shirt)

Second place finisher, Andy Catalano (right), battling a random shirtless guy in the final meters, claimed that this was more difficult than his 6th place at the 2012 Leadville Trail 100

  Justin Ricks coming in at third position with his sack full o' cans

                             Justin almost got his thumb raised after the finish

                                          Fourth place finisher, Jeff Mohrmann--he lost his shirt along the way                             

    Here the finishers heckle race organizer JT (short for Jans Thrasher) as he brings up the rear. Even this little
    kid beat him to the top!

    Justin using the aid of a tree to stay upright after he finishes

    Top three finishers doing that stupid biting-of-the-medals-thing that Olympians do when the win medals. It's
    not so stupid when you do it with beer cans!

Thanks to our sponsors....wait, we didn't have any sponsors!

Here are the (unofficial) official results:

1. Peter Maksimow - 25:45
2. Andy Catalano - 27:49
3. Justin Ricks - 31:30

4. Jeff Mohrmann - 31:32
5. Jay ??
6. Paul DeWitt - 36:10 (results are being reviewed to see if he puked before or after the finish; he still might owe us half a lap)

7. Brooks Williams - 39:30
8. JT - 50:13

9. Andy Wooten - 1:02:19
10. Mike Porach - 1:06
11. Chris (First Woman ) - ?
12. Robbie Pike - 1:25:25 (no relation to the Peak)
12. Matt Laubhan - 1:25:25

The question of the day was "Where's Anton?"

Special thanks to Denise Ricks and Brandon Stapanowich for their visual documentation!


  1. Carpenter's records will fall long before Peter's 25:45 goes down.

  2. Oh lame, I pulled in at 1:06 with no mention.......heartbroken!

    1. Sorry, Mike! We put those times up that JT had collected and I know he didn't get everyone's. I'll get it updated. What was your exact time?

    2. I was 1:06 as noted. Except my name correction as "Mike Porach"

  3. I didn't realize anyone was seriously timing this!

    1. Shyeah! It was chip timed! Didn't you get your chip before the start???

  4. I can walk for miles if i have to, i dont like running though. How far would i have to walk a day to have a good workout? Im not in terrible shape, quit smoking a year ago, maybe a bit of a beer belly lol.

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