Friday, March 20, 2015

Team Colorado Welcomes Silke "Smooth" Koester

Name: Silke "Smooth" Koester

Age: 32

Hometown: Take a guess!

Current residence: Boulder, CO

Sponsors: Simple Hydration, Feetures Socks, CarboPro

Personal Bests (or Worsts): Personal worst: slipping on a slimy swamp boardwalk and landing on a nail in the middle of an unsupported point-to-point 50K race in the middle of nowhere Adirondacks. Personal best: Crossing the finish line of my first 100 mile race at Western States last year & earning that silver belt buckle.

Notable Achievements: Keeping up with my husband, Ryan, for the last 35 miles of both of his 100 mile races (and wins) last year.

Goals for 2015 and beyond: To run with curiosity, zeal and fearlessness. Like my dog.

Favorite trails: The ones that go uphill.

Favorite workout: Never-ending grinding uphills.

Favorite races: San Juan Solstice 50 for the unbelievably beautiful high mountain trails, and for the small town community enthusiasm and support. 

Favorite beer: A pitcher of FYIPA on Monday nights at Boulder’s Southern Sun Brewery with the Rocky Mountain Runners, and a Negra Modelo on my deck on a hot summer day.


Why/Trail/Mountain/Ultra Running?: Because I get beaten by women 20+ years older than me.