Friday, September 27, 2013

Team Colorado ROCS: UROC Preview

Leading up the the 2013 Ultra Race of Champions 100k, lovingly known as UROC, we spoke to a couple of Team Coloradans that are hoping not only to make a splash, but to tuck their knees to their chests and do a freakin' cannon ball! 

We'll be following Michele Yates, Sage Canaday and Rickey Gates. Justin Ricks is out due to injury.

Follow them at's 2013 UROC 100k Live Coverage.

Michele "Bomb 'chele" Yates give us the word about UROC

It's only 100 kilometers!                                                          photo:

Team Colorado: Congrats on your Run Rabbit Run ONE HUNDRED MILE RACE WIN two weeks ago. What was the best part of the race...other than the big check?

Michele: The best part of the race, check or not, was winning! :) Not only a win against an elite field of women, but a win for myself. I am so grateful to be running on the trails again injury free!!!!

Team Colorado: We all read your blog about the race and know you were coming off some disappointing race results, what do you think turned it around for you and especially in such a long, difficult race?

Michele: Some serious dedication. I spent hours and hours doing therapy such as icing, PAINFUL massage therapy, recovery boots, elevation etc. Then, I slowly was able to progress into run-walking with stretching every few minutes (frustrating, patience was the key). Then, of course, progressed into my normal workouts but ONLY with a lot of therapy, too. I also dialed in my diet was already pretty darn healthy, but it was the one thing I could control when I was injured so I made sure to eat completely clean and focused on a "RAW" diet with fruits/veggies, eggs, fish, beans, etc...then I added in grains/carbs more the week or two before the race.

Team Colorado: How are the legs? How are you able to recover so quickly? What is your in between race strategy when you have many races so close together?

Michele: Again therapy, therapy, therapy...and keeping a clean, healthy diet. A lot of sleep and especially icing immediately after I finished RRR (actually sitting in the ice bath eating a high protein meal...and blueberry poptarts :).  My soreness was completely gone after 4 days (even when I ran for 15minutes on the 4th day)...and from then on it has been a little bit of running, a lot of sleeping, and a lot of therapy!

Team Colorado: When we chatted before your 100 miler you said you were also planning on running UROC. Is this still the plan? What else is on your race calendar this year?

Michele: Yep, I will be on that starting line this Saturday and I'm gonna give it all I've got :) !!! I will have  a little bit of a break after that, but then I will be racing the USA 1/2 marathon trail champs in Moab Nov. 1st, the USA 50k trail champs in Boulder City NV the weekend after that (I'll use the 1/2 as training for the 50k)...then the North Face Endurance Challenge Championships Dec 7th. I plan on then going on to run down the 100 Mile Trail American Record in February at Rocky Raccoon.

Team Colorado: If you were a betting girl, what odds would you give yourself for this weekend's race? What is the UROC course like?

Michele: If I don't give myself the win already...then I've already's better not to listen to every one else telling me that I'm tired and just go for it- whatever happens happens, and the pressures off due to RRR so I'm going to have me some fun! The UROC course is my old stomping ground (as well as a few other places- like the 50k Champs in Boulder City NV - went to UNLV) ...I lived in Frisco for 6 months and have trained there for a few months at a time other times...I am really familiar with the first half of the course or more, but unfortunately may not get a chance to see the last parts.

Team Colorado: Lots of talk about the super smiley Emily Forsberg, have you ever raced against her?

Michele: I've raced against Emily once at the Pikes Peak marathon last year. I had a back injury then :( (be sure to not just see any chiropractor!!!)...She won the race..I finished 4th, 14 minutes behind her. I think she will do well no matter what happens.

Team Colorado: With Stephanie Howe pulling out (supposedly) with a foot injury, do you think you are now more of a target? It seems in RRR you flew a bit under the radar, does the attention bother you or motivate you?

Michele: Don't really care what people do or do not think about me. I don't mind being the underdog at all...and probably prefer it. I'd rather not get sucked into all the media attention, it takes up too much of my "focus" time :) ..and ultimately, at an ultra distance race- so many things can happen, so who really knows who will win on any given day?

Team Colorado: Three Team Colorado Men are going to duke it out this weekend as well. How do you see them finishing? (Rickey Gates, Sage Canaday and Justin Ricks - out due to injury.)

Michele: Sage is my top pick. I love Justin! Good people for sure--raced with him at the World Championships for Ultra Trail (that I bombed)--it would be AWESOME to see him hammer out a great one, too! Rickey I'm not as familiar with, but I am sure all are strong runners and my vote is for USA regardless of the name!

uRunFar...iRunFar                                                       photo:

Sage Canaday gives us the lowdown on UROC

Yes, that is a temporary tattoo on Sage's leg, what of it!?       photo: Ian Corless

Team Colorado: Sage, you are preparing for UROC this weekend and it looks like the money is on you and Killian for the win. How do you feel about getting bet on like a horse?

Sage: Bring all bets! A 100km race is so unpredictable with all the variables at play so even I'm not sure how my body will respond and who else may be up near or at the lead (Rob Krar? Dakota?).

Team Colorado: The course appears to have a good amount of bike trails in it, do you think this will suit you well because of your speed?

Sage: Ha ha! Only in ultra running am I considered to have "speed." I was was as slow as molasses in HS and college track...the girls started beating me at 400m (57 sec. "speed"). I think the angle of the bike tracks will help me not twist my ankle (hopefully).

Team Colorado: We hear there could be some snow, probably mud. What do you think of Fall in the Rockies?

Sage: Boo to cold weather and snow! I like hot and sunshine all the time. Boulder hasn't even gotten close to 300 days of sun this year...yet. Anything but cold rain at this point. 

Team Colorado: We see you are getting interviewed by Bryon Powell of, that is a good thing, right? Does he scare you?

Sage: Sometimes. But I gave him an Avery Beer after Speedgoat and he was happy. 

Team Colorado: Best of luck this weekend at UROC, we will be following you and have Avery beer at all the aid stations!

Sage: Double IPA only...Excellent. Thanks for the support! interview

Rickey's hair is not that long anymore, but his mustache is as red as ever!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Golden Leaves in Aspen - Stevie is Queen, Rickey is King

Last weekend we had two Team Coloradans each capture a win at the 2013 Golden Leaf Half Marathon in Aspen, CO. In the women's race, Stevie "Sunshine" Kremer out-shined the competition to win in 1:37:09 and place 8th overall amongst the men! This is her fourth win at the event. She one-upped a hat trick...we don't even know what to call that! Quadradical?

On the men's side, Rickey "Heavenly" Gates "and his red mustache" takes the win in a time of 1:26:33, after a history of four 2nd places finishes at Golden Leaf (otherwise known as a quadisappointment). Heavenly is prepared to duke it out at UROC this weekend. Watch out Rickey, we hear Killian is growing a mustache, or a "bigote", as they refer to it in Spain.

We have thus awarded Rickey and Stevie Prom King and Queen of the Golden Leaf Half Marathon (they can each choose which title they want, we are all inclusive here at Team Colorado). We hope J. Marshall Thompson doesn't get mad!

At the race, they even had the archways and red carpets (actually, black timing mats is the running equivalent to red carpets).

Stevie was kind enough to take a break from teaching little children and running in the mountains to talk with us about the race and other random things.

Team Colorado: Congrats on your Golden Leaf Half Marathon win this past weekend in Aspen. Tell us about the race.

Stevie: The race was nothing short of awesomeness! I know that is a cheeseball word, but I cannot think of a better way to describe it. Being the 5th time I have run this race, I knew what to expect, but seriously every year it gets better. Not only is the course the most beautiful course I've ever run, but the supporters, other runners and volunteers, (not to mention the raffle) make the race the best race ever. No joke! In terms of my race, I felt great the whole way through! I'm pretty sure I had a smile on my face the entire time (minus the first 1.5 miles).

Stevie always has a smile on her face!                                 photo: Joe Viger

Team Colorado: We heard you met Team Colorado's Chef l'équipe, Amy Perez, at the race..but then it wasn't Amy Perez! What happened?

Stevie: I was so excited when I heard someone say, "Hi Amy!" and then "Amy" started talking about her good friend Kim Dobson and I put two and two together and thought that I was finally meeting THE AMY PEREZ...after a good 10 minutes of lovely conversation, she realized I thought she was someone she wasn't-oops:-) Nonetheless, she was very nice and I am stoked to have met one great Amy, can't wait to meet the other!

Team Colorado: You had a bad race at Jungfrau Marathon a few weeks ago but most of your races have been pretty stellar this year. What else is on your race calendar this year?

Stevie: Yes, I had a pretty darn tooting bad race...more because I just never felt good. Through water stops and gel intakes, I still couldn't muster up enough energy to get my toques up that long hill. It was a beautiful race, but I could not enjoy it like I wanted to. I have had some other incredible races, that I was able to thoroughly enjoy, though:-) I will be heading across the pond again in mid October for the Limone Skyrace. I am already nervous...

Team Colorado: The races you have done are long, mostly marathon distance. Are you used to doing a lot of long races? What is you weekly mileage?

Stevie: I would say my "favorite" race distance is anything between a half marathon and full marathon. It takes me at least 4 miles to get warmed up, so I love having more distance to make up for my slackerish start. I don't know my weekly mileage per se, but I try to run anywhere from 1-2 hours each day and more on the weekend when I have more time.

Team Colorado: You know, if we were in junior high school we would automatically pair you and Rickey Gates up since you both won the race, sort of like King and Queen of the Golden Leaf. But we are all grown up now and we are not doing that because it would be awkward. Not really a question there, just pointing out what we would do if we were in junior high school.

Stevie: Not to toot my own horn, but I was the Homecoming Queen of Darien High School. Just saying. (P.S. I'm TOTALLY kidding, I'm not that cocky I promise. I literally begged the underclassmen to vote for me...not kidding!)

Team Colorado: We're happy to have you on Team Colorado, thanks for always being so happy!

Stevie: I'm thoroughly LOVING BEING on the Team. Thank you for inviting me:-)  

Team Colorado: We can tell there is something on your mind, Stevie, what is it?

Stevie: I really appreciate you not judging me for not getting my fat rear up the JungFrau Marathon. Thank you.

Team Colorado: That's what we are here for! You're welcome.

Ditto Gates.

The Aspen Times Article


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Team Colorado Welcomes Brandon Stapanowich

Name: Brandon "Birthday Suit" Stapanowich

Age: 28 (29 today!!! Happy Birthday!!!)

Hometown: Asheville, NC

Current residence: Manitou Springs, CO

Sponsors: Pearl iZUMi (otherwise known as iP)

Personal Bests:
30 mph in the 2012 Manitou Sprintathlon
5K - 17:36 dressed as Forrest Gump and carrying a box of chocolates

Inclinathon (13 trips up & down the Manitou Incline, ~26,134 ft. elevation gain/loss) - 11 hrs. 47 min.
INCLINATHON: the movie
50 Mile - 7:58:02 (2013 Desert RATS)
100 Mile - 19:10:52 (2013 Western States)

Notable Achievements:
2011 Devil's Mountain 50 mile winner
2012 Inclinathon founder and winner in 11 hrs. 47 min.
2012 Leadville 100: 7th place
2013 Desert RATS 50: 3rd place
2013 Western States 100 13th place
Bonking harder than "Big McD" at the 2005 Boston Marathon

Goals for 2013:
Resurrect ultrarunning on Pikes with "PU: The Stank" on September 28th
Podium at Deadman Peaks Trail Run 50 miler in October
Be fit and healthy for H.U.R.T 100 in January

Favorite trails:
The ones I haven't been on yet

Favorite workout:
Hip Hop Abs

Favorite races:
Three-legged, sack, and wheelbarrow races in excess of 100 miles.


Favorite beer:
Perry's Cider (despite the absence of pears)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Yates Runs Like a Rabbit, Ricks Ponies Up, Kremer is a Maiden, Swapping FKTs

This past weekend there were some amazing results posted by Team Coloradans, from near and far. There were Rabbits, Ponies and Maidens/Virgins involved (so, the translation may be a little off, so what, blame the Swiss!).

Run Rabbit Run 100 Mile (The Rabbit)

Michele "Bomb 'chele" Yates sings a redemption song on her way to pulling a rabbit out of a hat at the Run Rabbit Run 100 Mile in Steamboat Springs, CO. Not only did she win the women's race in a time of 20:16:54, but she beat all but 6 men in the race: Estrogen 1 vs. Testosterone 0.

Take that men!                                                      Photo:

Bomb 'chele has been dealing with a few frustrating race performances due to a string of injuries, but has been determined to come back and show Tony Danza who's boss! In her adventures during the race, she gave Tim Olson a slap on the ass as she caught up with him early in the race, went into hiding with camouflage gear and wrastled a beer during the race.

Here is what the beer looked like. Such a cute little beer! Very stout with a lot of head.

Michele would like to thank the organizers of Run Rabbit Run, the volunteers, other runners, the beer and the person who penned her $10,000 victory cheque (What? They spell it that way in Canada!).

UROC Michele! article and interviews

Pony Express Trail Run (The Pony)

Justin Ricks wins back-to-back Pony Express 15 Mile Trail Runs in a three year period--figure that one out! Ricks ran a time of 1:35:28, which is off his CR of 1:27:48 set back in 2011. In 2012 the race was cancelled due to the Waldo Canyon Fire (stupid fire!). The Pony Express has been dominated by Team Colorado since 2008 with Justin and Tommy "One Man Wolf Pack" Manning trading off wins over the years. Way to Pony Up, Justin!

Ricks rides the pony at the Pony Express                             photo:

UROC, Justin! Speaking of Rock, Ricks will be one of many Team Coloradans running UROC (Ultra Race of Champions) on September 28th in Vail, CO. Michele Yates, Rickey Gates and Sage Canaday are also registered to race.

FYI, Justin's legs have a rating of 110 PP (Pony Power), eat your heart out My Little Pony!

Jungfrau Marathon, Interlaken, Switzerland (The Maiden/Virgin)
Jungfrau is not your average marathon, no photoshopping here                            photo: Swiss-Image

Stevie "Sunshine" Kremer travelled over Switzerland for some Yodeling and chocolate...and also ran the Jungfrau Marathon. Stevie finished 5th overall in a time of 3:27:09, however, she "never got into it and never felt good" during the race and had a bad day, but still managed to take in the beautiful views and scenery along the way. Some would consider it a dream come true to place 5th in this prestigious race. "I would give my left Achilles to be 5th woman at Jungfrau", stated Peter "The Prez" Maksimow in a self-interview. Stevie, however, won the race last year, so her expectations were high. 

Spoiler Alter: Stevie is human after all!

She will be back atop the podium and she will spread a little sunshine on all the trails she traverses because, as her fellow Team Coloradan, Sage Canaday, stated, "I think Stevie is the next great female mountain/trail (and even ultra runner) in the world. She is amazingly good at everything!" 

UROC Sage!

Sunshine ran with a water bottle disguised as flowers in 2012                             photo: Competitor/Andy Mettler

You hear that, Stevie, EVERYTHING! UROC, perhaps?


In a the battle of FKT's (Farty Knackerd Trails?) Rickey "Heavenly" Gates just misses getting his 4 Pass Loop FKT back from fellow Team Coloradan Sage "The Canadian Sage" Canaday, running 4:29:05.

UROC "Heavenly" Gates!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Run Rabbit Run 100 Mile...Should Have Been Called "Run Michele Run" the Way She Kicked Some Tail!

Michele Yates' Run Rabbit Run Race Review Recapped Rather Rivetingly. Really, that is a lot of R's. Here it is. 

     Triple might call it. On Friday, September 13th at noon, I started the Run Rabbit Run 103 mile course with thoughts of revenge. Not only did I let this race course beat me last year, but because of injury this year...I had been forced (for the last 3 months) to bomb one World Championship, give up another...and race well below my potential at a National Championship. 

     The deep elite group and I slowly climbed our way up Mt.Werner. We navigated our way through the long grass, trail, rocks and dirt until we reached some supporters at the top of the gondola.  I quickly exchanged out my 2 Ultimate Direction handhelds for my Blaze Plus fuel belt...complete with GU Energy gels and a Simply Bar.  This would be the start of a long day for crew chief and hubby extraordinaire, Wyatt Yates. Jordan Whitlock would soon join me for the rest of the ascent.  A good friend of mine who encouraged me to run my own race even though Rhonda Claridge would briefly pass us at the crest of the mountain before I made a strong pass on the downhill leaving both of them behind. 

     The mountain weather wouldn't disappoint.  I found myself already with a chill and quickly put on a light running shell jacket at aid station #2. Tim Olson would lead the way down the technical section of fish creek falls. Myself and a few other guys quickly passed through the aid station there and hammered down on concrete road to Olympian hall. There, I would meet up with Wyatt, do some more quick weather change outs, refuel and be on my way. This section of the course was a huge circle and on the back side (after yet another big climb), I found myself struggling mentally a bit.  I questioned if my legs were going to bounce back and/or if I was going to get through this low so early in the race (around 30 miles). Meredith Terranova (backup crew), talked me through it. I was on my way again and with the extra encouragement on the course from her hubby, Paul Terranova...I found myself breezing through Olympian hall, back up Fish Creek Falls and on my way to Summit Lake for the first time. *** All of that would be put to a standstill...With a quick stop and stare down from a standing bear...I slowly raised my arms to make myself appear bigger, and let out a sigh of relief as he ran off the other way***  The easy road from Long Lake to Summit Lake would be cold, for now it was night time and the glow of dim lights along the way inspired me. 

     Next up, a rough, downhill jeep road that rolled right into Dry Creek Aid Station and continued on down to Spring Creek aid station. This was the part I really needed to utilize ( I told myself).  Always noted as a downhill runner, I would be sure to use those sections to capitalize on any lead I had, and to push myself the hardest I could so I knew what I "had."  You guessed on the turn around, it was the long ascent up...passing through those aid stations once again, only this time dry (thanks again to hubby Wyatt!).  On the way down a freak thunderstorm passed through, down poured on all of us, and moved on. 

Playing games with myself to keep the focus, I counted in my head...5,6,7,8..up to 30 seconds...30 seconds that is all the break you can have after a few minutes of pushing hard Michele ( I told myself). The plan worked.  Numerous runners poured down the mountain as I ran up...their words of encouragement meant so much more than they would ever know. They "moved" me...all the way to Summit Lake aid station for the second time.
     Keeping my stay brief, my tummy fueled, and my mind optimistic I got on the flooded, now technical Wyoming trail.  My heart sank, I realized I could hardly see through small, dim beam of light coming from my head lamp. "Am I getting night blindness? Are my eyes watering so bad from the snow and cold I can't see?"  (Yes, I said snow, although not that bad, it was snowing)...Oh no!!! I made a rookie mistake and forgot to change out my batteries!!!!"  Feeling so slow, and like I was losing ground, I pushed myself through the darkness, splashing in puddles and tripping over tree roots. This was supposed to be the "fun" trail for me!  Thankful my light wasn't totally out, I surged onto Long Lake aid station where I would be forever grateful to the aid station volunteer for giving me new batteries!  With only 45 minutes of darkness left...and about 13 miles to go...I rushed out of there like my pants were on fire!  I needed to be strong on these last two sections in order to make up some time. Although never even looking at my watch for a majority of the race, I did now and saw that I could MAYBE make it under 20 hours.  My emotions were getting to me, my anxiety grew with each step towards Mt. Werner aid station (the final one before the finish).  Frustration built, " where is the damn aid station!? has to be around this corner, okay up this hill, okay around this corner, grrrr!"  With all the voices in my head, a real one appeared, "great job Michele, almost to the aid station!"  ...a fellow 50 mile runner would exclaim. Relieved, I trudged on, soon greeted by Mt.Werner aid station and  numerous 50 mile runners with their energized words as my quads screamed out on the final downhill.

You can't see me because I'm camouflaged!
     On the last trail called zigzag, I relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the way in.  I loved every painful minute of this race.  The other runners, volunteers, race director, and supporters made this experience the best I could have asked for.  With God all things are possible, and I am so happy he decided to give me the ability to run again. I did not break that 20 hour mark, but I did finish 1st female 20:16:54, 7th overall. 

Watch out for those bears! article
Dream Live Run

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Team Colorado Welcomes Megan Kimmel

photo: Rich Bolt
Name: Megan Kimmel          

Age: 33

Hometown: Denver, CO 

Current residence: Silverton, CO

Sponsors: ASICS, Emich Volkswagon, Cafe Mobius

Personal Bests (or Worsts): Well plenty of worsts....but most proud of 2009 Pikes Peak Ascent Victory because its such a classic and it has been such a mind bending race ever since that year. 

Notable Achievements: 3 time USA Mountain Team Member, 5 time LaSportiva Mountain Cup Champion.

Goals for 2013/2014/beyond: Oh, lots of goals but it all comes down to goal #1 of having more time to train.

Favorite trails: The Colorado Trail off of Molas Pass, The Colorado Trail out of Durango. Both of these trails are very different than each other and totally beautiful. 

Favorite workout: Long adventure runs.

Favorite races: The Golden Leaf (Snowmass, CO).


Favorite beer: The one that is the coldest. 

Why Trail/Mountain/Ultra Running?: Well, to get out of the paved world of course. Nature provides so much beauty, adventure, peacefulness that it is easy to leave myself behind and just be free.  

Friday, September 13, 2013

Axel does Poland: World Championships Race Review by Axel Nichols

After a little over a day of travel I arrived in the Krakow International airport and stepped into a sleek black Mercedes with two Japanese athletes. Before long we were flying down the highway at speeds in excess of 130 MPH in a leather and walnut rocket ship on our way to the host town of Krynica Zdrój. This was my introduction to the 2013 World Mountain Running Championships. I’m not sure if Poland lacks the standard laws of the road that we so strictly follow in the states, or if our driver was just a mad man, but that drive was a perfect introduction to the theme of my trip – speed. 

Making the US Mountain running team has long been a goal of mine. In the running world, donning the USA kit and representing your country is like a stamp of approval. At the 2013 national championships years of hard work paid off and I had finally qualified for my first US team. But then came that little other thing: actually racing against the best in the world. I was excited to be there, but the nerves of running for my country were beyond anything I’ve felt before.

Axel looks surprised at the number of countries that exist in the world                          photo: Maddy Schmid
The day after arriving I ran the course and felt great. Unfortunately the race was still three days away. That left me with a lot of time to get more and more nervous. I don’t know if it was jet lag or just the fear of racing on such a high level, but whatever it was it left me with some very sleepless nights. I found myself staying awake until 3 or 4 in the morning stressing out about every little thing. 

Axel and the "King" rush to get back in time for Polish sausage and beer happy hour           photo: Maddy Schmid

Race day came around and I was finally able to get some sleep, thanks in part to the 12:30 PM start time. I was still nervous but found myself thinking back to Max King’s advice during our team meeting the night before: just go out there and do what you did at Cranmore (the national championships). For me that meant running my own race. I did a great job of moving through the field at Cranmore and I had decided to attempt the same thing at the worlds.

What is this, a 5K!?                                                              photo: Maddy Schmid

The field went out fast, with 100+ guys all thinking they would be in the top 10. By the end of the first downhill I found myself far enough back that Paul Kirsch, our team manager, wasn’t able to count my position. I was definitely running fast, but just not as suicidal as many of my competitors.

"I thought this was a mountain race" Axel says       photo: Maddy Schmid

On the following lap I continued to run my own pace and found that a lot of people had gone out way faster than they could hold. Just as I started to feel good I saw Max King standing on the side of the trail. He yelled out to me that I was now the 5th man. At the time I had no idea if he had just cramped up or if he was out for good but I immediately thought about our team score. He was one of the strongest runners on the team and without him we needed some people to step up in a big way to get a medal. With that in mind I attacked the downhill even harder in the hopes of helping out the team. Just 200 meters later I passed a clearly suffering Glen Randall. All of a sudden I was a scoring member of Team USA and I was on a mission to help out as much as I could.

Power hiking is perfectly legal!                                                           photo: Paul Kirsch

In the next lap and a half I kept moving up. I was in the 70’s, 50’s, then 30’s. All of a sudden I saw the familiar bouncing fro of Ryan Hafer. Just like Cranmore I found myself chasing him down in the final climb of the race. 

Ryan Hafer's 'fro flails in the wind                                        photo: Maddy Schmid

I kicked hard in the final 800 uphill meters and passed both Ryan and one other runner. I crossed the finish as the third US team member and the 27th finisher feeling happy and worried at the same time. I had run the best possible race I could run and finished higher than I thought was possible, but it was tough day for the rest of the team. After seeing that Zach Ornelas was just two spots in front of me I realized that our team medal chances were over. 

How did I get so tanned in 12K of racing!?                      photo: Maddy Schmid

In the end we lost the bronze by just 6 points, despite Max and Glen’s rough day. It is a small consolation but a 4th place team finish on a less than ideal day clearly shows the current depth of US trail running. I just can’t wait to come back and see what we can do on a great day.

Who's this muscly guy?                                                   photo: Maddy Schmid