Saturday, September 7, 2013

World Mountain Running Championships: A Preview

World Mountain Running Championships...this way                                         photo: Rich Bolt

On Sunday September 8, 2013 in Krynica-Zdrój, Poland, three Team Colorado members will other join forces with some of the other best mountain runners is the US and together they will assemble and form what we know as the US Mountain Running Team. Sort of like Voltron. 

Here is the team recently when they took a photo in their full kit. 

Max King is the one in green, such a small guy!              photo: Defender of the Universe

Before we blab on about the World Championships, we would like to cordially welcome our newest member, and Team USA member competing this weekend, to Team Colorado and our wonderful group of women. The master barista and owner of the Café Mobius in Silverton, CO, who doesn't need a stinkin' altitude tent (because she lives at 9,300 feet), she put the "Silver" into "Silverton" and the "America" into your "Americano",  Megan "The Caffeinator" Kimmel. We look forward to sharing a cordial (or an espresso) with you soon!

Megan "The Caffeinator" Kimmel keeping things stimulating

Representing Team USA along with Megan, we have Axel Nichols and Glenn "Pulling a GR" Randall, who is spending his spare time in Poland cramming as much physics into his brain as humanly possible.

Statistical Thermo-Dynamics reads like...well, just as it sounds           photo: USATF MUT
This is Megan's 3rd US Mountain Team, Glenn's 2nd and Axel's debut on the team. It is rumored that Axel and Glenn are giving Megan piggyback rides around town to save her legs for the race. Way to welcome our new teammate, guys!

Axel readied his training for Worlds with a new more golden locks so he might be mistaken for a junior   photo:

Glenn attempting to pull a GR on JoeGeezi (aka Joe Gray) at the US National Champs                                                                   photo: Joe Viger

Megan finishing the US National Championships race at Cranmore Mountain in NH                     photo: Joe Viger
The senior women’s team consists of Magdalena Lewy-Boulet of Oakland, CA, Megan Kimmel of Silverton, CO, Chris Lundy of Sausalito, CA, and Megan Lizotte (formerly Lund) of Basalt, CO).

Senior Women's Team (L to R) Magdalena Lewy-Boulet, our very own Megan Kimmel, Chris Lundy, and Megan Lizotte                                                                         photo: Joe Viger
The senior men’s team includes Joe Gray, hailing from Renton, WA, Max King of Bend, OR, Glenn "GR" Randall of Mesa, CO, Zach Ornelas, Ann Arbor, MI, local Colorado Springers Ryan Hafer, Colorado Springs, CO, and Alex Nichols of  Old Colorado City (aka Colorado Springs), CO.

Stevie "Sunshine" Kremer placed 2nd at the National Championships to secure a spot on the Team, however, had obligations like teaching the youth of ' that they know how to spell their country.

Senior Men's Team USA consists of (L to R) Joe Gray, Zach Ornales, Max "Mullet" King, Glenn Randall, Ryan "Afro" Hafer and Axel Nichols                                                        photo: Joe Viger

The races kick off with the Junior Women's race at 9:15 am, followed by the Junior Men's start at 10:00 am. Then Senior Women's race will hear the gun at 11:30 am with the final race of the day being the Senior Men's race at 12:30 pm (in Polish time, of course).

Best of luck to all of Team USA!

Team USA Senior Men's and Women's Team (minus Afro man)                                      photo: Rich Bolt

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  1. Cool preview Prez. Excited to see how this team does. I think they (men) have a great shot at winning or placing 2nd. Did "Afro" man make it over there? Maybe he got held up at security for concealing something in his hair??

  2. Yes, Afro Man made it, he was just doing his hair during the team photos. Rumor has it that he might have been stopped at customs for smuggling some type of small mammal in his afro.