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Team Colorado ROCS: UROC Preview

Leading up the the 2013 Ultra Race of Champions 100k, lovingly known as UROC, we spoke to a couple of Team Coloradans that are hoping not only to make a splash, but to tuck their knees to their chests and do a freakin' cannon ball! 

We'll be following Michele Yates, Sage Canaday and Rickey Gates. Justin Ricks is out due to injury.

Follow them at's 2013 UROC 100k Live Coverage.

Michele "Bomb 'chele" Yates give us the word about UROC

It's only 100 kilometers!                                                          photo:

Team Colorado: Congrats on your Run Rabbit Run ONE HUNDRED MILE RACE WIN two weeks ago. What was the best part of the race...other than the big check?

Michele: The best part of the race, check or not, was winning! :) Not only a win against an elite field of women, but a win for myself. I am so grateful to be running on the trails again injury free!!!!

Team Colorado: We all read your blog about the race and know you were coming off some disappointing race results, what do you think turned it around for you and especially in such a long, difficult race?

Michele: Some serious dedication. I spent hours and hours doing therapy such as icing, PAINFUL massage therapy, recovery boots, elevation etc. Then, I slowly was able to progress into run-walking with stretching every few minutes (frustrating, patience was the key). Then, of course, progressed into my normal workouts but ONLY with a lot of therapy, too. I also dialed in my diet was already pretty darn healthy, but it was the one thing I could control when I was injured so I made sure to eat completely clean and focused on a "RAW" diet with fruits/veggies, eggs, fish, beans, etc...then I added in grains/carbs more the week or two before the race.

Team Colorado: How are the legs? How are you able to recover so quickly? What is your in between race strategy when you have many races so close together?

Michele: Again therapy, therapy, therapy...and keeping a clean, healthy diet. A lot of sleep and especially icing immediately after I finished RRR (actually sitting in the ice bath eating a high protein meal...and blueberry poptarts :).  My soreness was completely gone after 4 days (even when I ran for 15minutes on the 4th day)...and from then on it has been a little bit of running, a lot of sleeping, and a lot of therapy!

Team Colorado: When we chatted before your 100 miler you said you were also planning on running UROC. Is this still the plan? What else is on your race calendar this year?

Michele: Yep, I will be on that starting line this Saturday and I'm gonna give it all I've got :) !!! I will have  a little bit of a break after that, but then I will be racing the USA 1/2 marathon trail champs in Moab Nov. 1st, the USA 50k trail champs in Boulder City NV the weekend after that (I'll use the 1/2 as training for the 50k)...then the North Face Endurance Challenge Championships Dec 7th. I plan on then going on to run down the 100 Mile Trail American Record in February at Rocky Raccoon.

Team Colorado: If you were a betting girl, what odds would you give yourself for this weekend's race? What is the UROC course like?

Michele: If I don't give myself the win already...then I've already's better not to listen to every one else telling me that I'm tired and just go for it- whatever happens happens, and the pressures off due to RRR so I'm going to have me some fun! The UROC course is my old stomping ground (as well as a few other places- like the 50k Champs in Boulder City NV - went to UNLV) ...I lived in Frisco for 6 months and have trained there for a few months at a time other times...I am really familiar with the first half of the course or more, but unfortunately may not get a chance to see the last parts.

Team Colorado: Lots of talk about the super smiley Emily Forsberg, have you ever raced against her?

Michele: I've raced against Emily once at the Pikes Peak marathon last year. I had a back injury then :( (be sure to not just see any chiropractor!!!)...She won the race..I finished 4th, 14 minutes behind her. I think she will do well no matter what happens.

Team Colorado: With Stephanie Howe pulling out (supposedly) with a foot injury, do you think you are now more of a target? It seems in RRR you flew a bit under the radar, does the attention bother you or motivate you?

Michele: Don't really care what people do or do not think about me. I don't mind being the underdog at all...and probably prefer it. I'd rather not get sucked into all the media attention, it takes up too much of my "focus" time :) ..and ultimately, at an ultra distance race- so many things can happen, so who really knows who will win on any given day?

Team Colorado: Three Team Colorado Men are going to duke it out this weekend as well. How do you see them finishing? (Rickey Gates, Sage Canaday and Justin Ricks - out due to injury.)

Michele: Sage is my top pick. I love Justin! Good people for sure--raced with him at the World Championships for Ultra Trail (that I bombed)--it would be AWESOME to see him hammer out a great one, too! Rickey I'm not as familiar with, but I am sure all are strong runners and my vote is for USA regardless of the name!

uRunFar...iRunFar                                                       photo:

Sage Canaday gives us the lowdown on UROC

Yes, that is a temporary tattoo on Sage's leg, what of it!?       photo: Ian Corless

Team Colorado: Sage, you are preparing for UROC this weekend and it looks like the money is on you and Killian for the win. How do you feel about getting bet on like a horse?

Sage: Bring all bets! A 100km race is so unpredictable with all the variables at play so even I'm not sure how my body will respond and who else may be up near or at the lead (Rob Krar? Dakota?).

Team Colorado: The course appears to have a good amount of bike trails in it, do you think this will suit you well because of your speed?

Sage: Ha ha! Only in ultra running am I considered to have "speed." I was was as slow as molasses in HS and college track...the girls started beating me at 400m (57 sec. "speed"). I think the angle of the bike tracks will help me not twist my ankle (hopefully).

Team Colorado: We hear there could be some snow, probably mud. What do you think of Fall in the Rockies?

Sage: Boo to cold weather and snow! I like hot and sunshine all the time. Boulder hasn't even gotten close to 300 days of sun this year...yet. Anything but cold rain at this point. 

Team Colorado: We see you are getting interviewed by Bryon Powell of, that is a good thing, right? Does he scare you?

Sage: Sometimes. But I gave him an Avery Beer after Speedgoat and he was happy. 

Team Colorado: Best of luck this weekend at UROC, we will be following you and have Avery beer at all the aid stations!

Sage: Double IPA only...Excellent. Thanks for the support! interview

Rickey's hair is not that long anymore, but his mustache is as red as ever!

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