Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Team Colorado Welcomes Lisa Goldsmith

Name: Lisa Marie Goldsmith

Age: 48 (!) for now…b-day 9/25 …….big party to follow! (Stay tuned to Team Colorado for the big party plans)

Hometown: CINCY, Ohio

Current residence: Nederville, Colorado

Sponsors: Fleet Feet Boulder

Personal Bests:
Marathon:  best: 2:50:12
Pikes Peak: best: 2:42:44
5k: 17:34
10k: 36:18
½ marathon: 1:20:13

Notable Achievements:
-14 Spingsteen concerts since 1977 (shoulda been more..)
-Successful hand grope of Bruce’s (as in Springsteen) vastus lateralis, 2009 
-1988 Amateur National Triathlon Champ (seemed like a big deal at the time-it was! Set the tone for my future)
-2xTour de France Feminin (Most Funnest racing EVER; L’Alpe Dhuez…)
-2xPPA 1sts; 2xPPA 2nds
-Master records at Imogene Run and Pikes Peak Ascent
-2006 Team Gold medal at Mountain Worlds (even though I didn’t score, but I made Christine Lundy -run fast!)
-‘05/’06 Masters Mountain Runner o’ Year…
-2nd Master at Boston Marathon ’07 (in slowest 2nd place Masters time ever)

Lately, it is a notable achievement that I get my butt out the door and keep training…

Goals for 2013/2014/beyond
2013: get knee healthy
2014: Boston! Pikes Peak Ascent!!!

Favorite trails: Pikes Peak aka Barr Trail, Mt. Sanitas (I don’t actually run many trails…dirt roads are my favorite; Caribou Rd., Magnolia Rd. in Ned)

Favorite workout: The long uphill run, 1’ on/1’ off, 5 mile tempo up Flagstaff or Magnolia Rd.

Favorite races: Pikes Peak Ascent (surprise!) Mt. Evans, BTMR (also known as the Barr Trail Mountain Race) except for the downhill part.

Website/Blog: not sure what these are…

Favorite beer: MODUS HOPERANDI! I am having one now…

Favorite Musician: Bruce Springsteen (you know, "Born to Run", "Working on a Dream", "Promised Land"…)

Favorite songs: Born To Run, You Can’t Always Get What You Want (‘Stones)

Why Trail/Mountain/Ultra Running?: At first, because I was actually competitive at these races vs. road racing...Now, the usual answer: more beautiful venues, more fun people, nicer on my body, more fun people, love being in the natural world without cars zooming by, more fun people.

Additional funny (or serious) stuff you want to add:
I’ll have to work on this one – it’s ALLL funny…

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