Friday, September 20, 2013

Yates Runs Like a Rabbit, Ricks Ponies Up, Kremer is a Maiden, Swapping FKTs

This past weekend there were some amazing results posted by Team Coloradans, from near and far. There were Rabbits, Ponies and Maidens/Virgins involved (so, the translation may be a little off, so what, blame the Swiss!).

Run Rabbit Run 100 Mile (The Rabbit)

Michele "Bomb 'chele" Yates sings a redemption song on her way to pulling a rabbit out of a hat at the Run Rabbit Run 100 Mile in Steamboat Springs, CO. Not only did she win the women's race in a time of 20:16:54, but she beat all but 6 men in the race: Estrogen 1 vs. Testosterone 0.

Take that men!                                                      Photo:

Bomb 'chele has been dealing with a few frustrating race performances due to a string of injuries, but has been determined to come back and show Tony Danza who's boss! In her adventures during the race, she gave Tim Olson a slap on the ass as she caught up with him early in the race, went into hiding with camouflage gear and wrastled a beer during the race.

Here is what the beer looked like. Such a cute little beer! Very stout with a lot of head.

Michele would like to thank the organizers of Run Rabbit Run, the volunteers, other runners, the beer and the person who penned her $10,000 victory cheque (What? They spell it that way in Canada!).

UROC Michele! article and interviews

Pony Express Trail Run (The Pony)

Justin Ricks wins back-to-back Pony Express 15 Mile Trail Runs in a three year period--figure that one out! Ricks ran a time of 1:35:28, which is off his CR of 1:27:48 set back in 2011. In 2012 the race was cancelled due to the Waldo Canyon Fire (stupid fire!). The Pony Express has been dominated by Team Colorado since 2008 with Justin and Tommy "One Man Wolf Pack" Manning trading off wins over the years. Way to Pony Up, Justin!

Ricks rides the pony at the Pony Express                             photo:

UROC, Justin! Speaking of Rock, Ricks will be one of many Team Coloradans running UROC (Ultra Race of Champions) on September 28th in Vail, CO. Michele Yates, Rickey Gates and Sage Canaday are also registered to race.

FYI, Justin's legs have a rating of 110 PP (Pony Power), eat your heart out My Little Pony!

Jungfrau Marathon, Interlaken, Switzerland (The Maiden/Virgin)
Jungfrau is not your average marathon, no photoshopping here                            photo: Swiss-Image

Stevie "Sunshine" Kremer travelled over Switzerland for some Yodeling and chocolate...and also ran the Jungfrau Marathon. Stevie finished 5th overall in a time of 3:27:09, however, she "never got into it and never felt good" during the race and had a bad day, but still managed to take in the beautiful views and scenery along the way. Some would consider it a dream come true to place 5th in this prestigious race. "I would give my left Achilles to be 5th woman at Jungfrau", stated Peter "The Prez" Maksimow in a self-interview. Stevie, however, won the race last year, so her expectations were high. 

Spoiler Alter: Stevie is human after all!

She will be back atop the podium and she will spread a little sunshine on all the trails she traverses because, as her fellow Team Coloradan, Sage Canaday, stated, "I think Stevie is the next great female mountain/trail (and even ultra runner) in the world. She is amazingly good at everything!" 

UROC Sage!

Sunshine ran with a water bottle disguised as flowers in 2012                             photo: Competitor/Andy Mettler

You hear that, Stevie, EVERYTHING! UROC, perhaps?


In a the battle of FKT's (Farty Knackerd Trails?) Rickey "Heavenly" Gates just misses getting his 4 Pass Loop FKT back from fellow Team Coloradan Sage "The Canadian Sage" Canaday, running 4:29:05.

UROC "Heavenly" Gates!

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  1. Great post kind of punny (or is that pony?) humor :-) Think I caught a glimpse of you running yesterday evening around MVP? Hope you're getting healthier everyday