Monday, April 8, 2013

Team Colorado Welcomes Neil McDonagh to the Team

Welcoming the newest members of Team Colorado to…well, Team Colorado!

Neil McDonagh

31 years old (LeBron’s mom minus 13)

San Francisco, CA

Current residence:
Manitou Springs, CO

JAM!!! That’s Good
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Personal Bests:
1500m: 3:46 /5k: 14:20
10k: 30:12 / 12k: 36:45 / ½ Marathon: 1:04:19 / Marathon: 3:25 (not a typo)

Notable Achievements:
Member of the record setting 13-man centipede at the 2012- Bay to Breakers
Honor Roll – one semester in college

Goals for 2013:
Have a blast running, everything usually falls into place after that.

Favorite trails:
Barr Trail
Intemann Trail
Any trail is good long as I get home eventually.

Favorite workout:
Long fartlek workouts
Progression long runs
Being really far away from the track

Favorite races:
Bay to Breakers
Soulstice Trail Run
Any race in New Orleans

Website/Blog:  (it’s old but kept it while in Kenya)

Favorite beer:
Anchor Steam, although CO has a bazillion awesome oat-soda options!

What else to you have to say for yourself:
I’m certain that I was the only runner at the 2012 Olympic Trials Marathon who had previously run a marathon but yet failed to have a Boston qualifier.

Had the same Timex watch for 5 yrs and went through roughly 8 replacement bands/batteries. It finally bit the dust last month, buried it in the yard.

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