Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Prediction Time

RunColo.com has a prediction contest for the once-hairy Peter "the Prez" Maksimow in his third attempt of the Greenland Trail 50K in Larkburg, CO on May the 4th. 

Just to show you how much people believe in him, someone named "Schlonge" said "Peter is a man among men. He drinks Manta and doesn't hide the fact that he loves it!? Peter will do all of us proud and run a 2:57.7. Good luck Peter!"

We are not quite sure what Manta is, but it does sound delicious! And we think Schlonge may be an alias.

"It only hurts after 25 miles!"                                      Photo: Steve Glass

Predict Peter's time for a chance to win a pair of Inov-8 shoes and a pack of Bic razors (little do they know that he has shaved since last year!). 


  1. Congrats on setting a new Greenland course record Peter! Something to be said for fresh legs. The guy you held off is a professional triathlete who's competed in several Ironman events

  2. Thanks C.J.! Maybe this lack of running thing has its benefits. Brad Seng definitely kept me honest out there.