Thursday, December 5, 2013

Run, Run, Run from the Ghetto Bird - Turkey Trot Los Angeles

Note the giant fowl, city hall, low elevation and outrageous population requiring the use of the "ghetto bird". Yes, the other one is a drone!

There were turkeys with the trots in downtown LA! Peter "The Prez" Maksimow ran the Turkey Trot Los Angeles 5k/10k double. He started with the appetizer dish, running the 5k at 7:45am, and managed to outrun the ghetto bird to place 3rd in 15:47.

Luis "Lu Dogg" Ibarra (1st) and The Prez (3rd) showing off their golden turkeys and Homeboy pies for the 5k

Then onto the main course with the 10k at 8:30am. Thinking that going back for seconds would leave him stuffed, The Prez paced himself and slowly gobbled up the competition with the help of fellow college turkey (teammate, actually, but he is a turkey) and Mexican National Steeplechase Champion, Luis "Lu-Dogg" Ibarra, in the 10k and garnishes the win in 34:06. He then pigged out on the two pies that he won for his performances. You could say he felt very fowl after dessert but he was thankful for all the caloric expenditure.

Hey, there is the Disney Concert Hall that doubles as a Solar Death Ray

Running through the vacant streets of downtown LA felt like a zombie apocalypse had just happened

"Get that fowl beak out of my ear!"

Damn homeboy, you bake?! 

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  1. Nice job Prez! Looks like you're getting your speed back. Were those apple pies? They look good whatever they were :-)