Thursday, November 14, 2013

USATF Trail Half Marathon Championships, Moab, UT…aka where there is no internet access

Recently, at the Moab Trail Marathon/Half Marathon, Team Colorado officially had an unofficial Team Colorado party in Moab, UT at the USATF Trail Half Marathon Championships. All the big guns showed up, and in addition to the party they raced a half marathon (and a marathon, in Sage's case) over slick rocks, up a creek and and through picturesque arches with alien hieroglyphs.

Let's see, we had Stevie Kremer, Megan Kimmel, Jared Scott, Justin Ricks, Sage Canaday and probably others that might have been under an alias.

Stevie does it again…and again…and again…                                photo: Rich Bolt/USMRT

A big congratulatory fist bump goes out to the new USATF Trail Half Marathon Champion Stevie "Sunshine" Kremer. You did it…AGAIN! Stevie ran an impressive 1:38:08, with Melody Fairchild of Boulder, CO in 2nd (1:40:11) and past USATF 10K Trail Champion and 2012 co-Trail Runner of the Year (along with Stevie--what a team, we share everything!) Megan Kimmel placed 3rd (1:42:57) in this very competitive women's field. 

Stevie said her legs were so short that she "might as well have put on a snorkel and started swimming." Similarly, Megan said she experienced a wardrobe malfunction and finished the race "with water gushing out of the top of my socks."
The top women (Stevie 2nd/Megan 3rd from right)                          photo: Rich Bolt/USMRT

Jared, sporting Numero Uno, ran a lot of the race with fellow Team Coloradan, Justin Ricks, swapping the 2nd place position like it was a bad joke. 

Jared told us, "The race was great! Good course with varying terrain, but nothing too incredibly steep on the half marathon course. Justin and I battled the last few miles of the race...he's an animal on those down hills! We went off course descending off that one cliff face but only a minute or so off course. The course was pretty well marked with pink flagging so staying on course was more of a matter of maintaining focus and not zoning out which can be tough during a race. Running through the creek was chilly and deep in spots, I decided that running on the banks was better than the creek itself. Overall a good day."

Justin started off with a black veil to be incognito                               photo: Denise Ricks

He also added, "There is a lot of radioactivity around Moab. In fact, there is a huge Government Superfund clean up site just up river from where we raced. I'm not sure how that affected our race performance.

Well, they will know when they start to grow webbed feet.

Jared looking happy even after wading through the toxic creek                     photo: Rich Bolt/USMRT
Still life with Justin and phallic rock                                    photo: Rich Bolt/USMRT 
Justin documented his experience on his blog with a write up on the race and his busy race schedule in different states in the the same weekend. 

           They just called it even and each took 2nd & a half place…then embraced                      photo: Rich Bolt/USMRT
Sage Canaday took a wrong turn and went off course in the marathon and ended up finishing in 2nd place (3:20:42), then, after coming through the finishing shoot, he took a wrong turn and we have still yet to hear from him. We think he ran back to Boulder, CO.

Sage getting interviewed by Edwin Moses after he took a wrong turn in the marathon           photo: Rich Bolt/USMRT

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