Monday, April 6, 2015

Team Colorado Welcomes Sandi "The Riveter" Nypaver

Name: Sandi "The Riveter" Nypaver

Age: 26

Hometown: Parma Heights, OH

Current residence: Mecca of Trail Running, CO

Sponsors: Hammer Nutrition, Ultimate Direction, UGo Bars, and  Feetures!

Personal Bests (or Worsts):  I thought it was a good idea to run 100 miles without ever having run an ultra or trail race before and my sister agreed to pace me, so I ran it and ended up winning.

Notable Achievements:  I received the coveted Best Blood award while running Grindstone 100 in 2010. I still have a bump on my knee from a rock puncturing my skin.

Goals for 2015 and beyond: To perfect running like a dog (minus the running breaks to smell poop). They just love being outside running and are so happy to be running they don't even notice how challenging it is to run a steep uphill at altitude.

Favorite trails: Bear Trail in Ouray Colorado, but all the trails in the San Juans are pretty spectacular. I love Bear Canyon Trail in Boulder as well, so maybe I just like trails with the name Bear.

Favorite workout: The Quad Builder: 5 x 1/2 mile hill repeats with some shorter repeats after.

Favorite races: I Believe Trail Races, Mountain Masochist, Promise Land, and most likely a race I have yet to run. 

Favorite beer: It's Colorado, obviously no one here likes beer.

Why Trail/Mountain/Ultra Running?: Who wouldn't want to risk getting eaten by mountain lions, falling off cliffs, getting lost, getting caught in storms, puking their guts out at a race, or cause hours of self-induced pain? I'm pretty sure that's the definition of a good time. In all serious though, I just love running and being outdoors. 

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