Friday, August 2, 2013

Sage Canaday Marks Another Notch in his Ultra Running Credentials Belt

Sage just enjoying the view                  photo: Matt Trappe
Last weekend Team Colorado's Sage Canaday, the ultra running equivalent of The Fonz, won the Speedgoat 50k in a record-breaking time. In the hotly contested race that is put on by the unicorn version of a goat, Karl "Speed Unicorn" Meltzer, Canaday broke Killian Journet's (the Spanish equivalent of Liberace) 2012 "not-quite-on-the-course" record of 5:14:10 with a 5:08:07. Mixing up the race were Anton "Where's Anton?" Krupicka and Max "Where the Wild Things Are" King.

Team Coloradan John Tribbia was also in the race, and was 7th at Hidden Peak (mile 8.4), but did not end up in the results. We hope you made it out alive, Trib!

Tribbia at Hidden Peak in 7th place                                  photo:

2013 Speedgoat 50K start, Krupicka looking very happy                          photo:

Canaday leading the charge atop Hidden Peak                             photo: 
Krupicka closed fast in the last 10 mile of the race coming within 90 seconds of Canaday, after being down by as many as 4 minutes, and finished 2nd in 5:09:36. Jason Schlarb overtook King to place 3rd in 5:19:34 to King's 5:29:02. Maybe it was King's unorthodox training techniques lately?

So, that's where the Wild Things Are!                                        photo: The Prez
Or, perhaps it was his silver mullet!

On the women's side, Stephanie Howe won in 6:17:02 with Jodee Adams-Moore (6:18:06) and Ruby Muir (6:25:54) rounding out the top three.

For complete results and a less sarcastic race review, check out and Sage's website.

Unicorns intertwine horns                                                photo:

Sage's mantra towards the end of the race was:

1. Don't break a bone
2. Don't get lost
3. Don't blow up or bonk
4.Where is the finish line?

The podium at Speedgoat 50K                                                                             photo: Sage's website

The Fonz says "Ehhhh" to Avery beer after the race!

Congrats Sage!

Complete Results

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  1. Awesome write up "Prez"! How about the silver mullet on Max? I think that must have slowed him down at least 3-5 minutes...especially going uphill :-)