Monday, June 24, 2013

Randall runs USA Half Marathon Champs

When most of the mountain runners are getting into the mountains and trails, Glenn Randall is still honing his speed before he makes the delve into the season. This past weekend he ran the USA Half Marathon Championships in Duluth, MN and placed 79th is a deep field of talented runners, running 1:07:33

In true Randall fashion, he gave them a good "Randalling" by going out in 14:47 for the first 5K, and hitting 10k in 30:30. Wow!

Here is what Randall had to say about it:

Based on the times for previous years, I figured the leaders would go out no faster than 4:40, and probably slower than that, so I decided to go out with them and see if I could make it happen. Out of the start, I was like, "Wow, why do my legs feel so bad. I can't be going as fast as it feels like I'm going, because those guys are dropping me." Then I hit the mile and saw 4:38. For me. Apparently the leader went through in 4:08.  I talked to some guys afterwards, and it sounds like 4:50 was dead last. It was a long, painful slog after that.

As I was telling people, the good news was that I almost pr'd. The bad news is that the almost pr was for the first mile.

So the fact is, the leaders gave me a good Randalling, but they had the leg speed to keep going, whereas I, well, didn't.

Either way, someone got a good "Randalling"! And we always love a good "Randalling!"



  1. I saw Trafeh (winner) went out in 4:25 for that first mile...Talk about your Randalling!

  2. Correction...4:21 for that first mile by Trafeh