Thursday, June 6, 2013

Colfax Marathon: A Reversal of Fortune

Recently, Neil "Big McD" McDonagh ran the Colfax Marathon. He witnessed a reversal of fortune. Here is his race review:

I’ll admit that I am a pretty cautious guy in life. No wheelies, jumping turnstiles or pirating the entire catalog of ‘Quantum Leap’ DVD’s for me. The one exception I make is deciding to run races I am wholly unprepared to successfully accomplish. The most recent example would be the Colfax Marathon, which I used the standard 10-day multi-tiered phased training plan.

Thinking I could be some sort of wizard of the asphalt by slyly going after a course record bonus, a week before Bolder Boulder 10k, was the gist. Just run 2:30, that’s it. Which happened to be the exact same thing Abraham Rutto thought, although probably on even less notice than I. Well I just give a sweet transcript mile by mile of the race.

1: I’ll just follow this ‘Marathon Guide” jerseyed Kenyan
2: “Ah crap we’ve gone through in just above 10:20”
3: “He’s not even wearing a watch! I’m screwed. I’m letting him go.”
4: Already more than a minute under my planned pace
5: “I’ll just cruise at goal pace and hope he implodes on his own.”
6: Totally solo in 2nd
7: (same)
8: (same)
9: (same)
10: (same)
11: (same) trying to not get lost on the course
12: (same)
13: ehh that was 75min, but I’m starting to feel a little queasy
14: little bit queasier
15: little bit queasier
16: little bit queasier
17: a bunch more queasy
18: super duper queasy
19: no longer in 2nd, three guys pass me. I try to throw up at an aid station without luck.
20: pretty slow running
21: same + some walking
22: 17th st downtown Denver, barf approximately 3 L of Gatorade on the sidewalk
23: Begin walking the rest of the course
24: continue walking. Lay down on a few lawns.
25: mile 25.5 a kid running the relay asks me if I was the guy in 2nd from the marathon. I confirm his suspicion. He asks what’s the deal. I inform him of my reversal of fortune a few miles back. He remarks on the grossness of the event. I concur. He continues his relay.
26: I jog the last 100m. You know, cuz.

I don’t know why I got sick out there. Safe to say, I may have out punted my coverage at the Colfax Marathon.

- Neil McDonagh 

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  1. Has it been like 4 races in a row that Neil has had to make a pit stop or pull over due to gastro issues? Might need to evaluate the diet or what he's eating for his pre-race meal