Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Weekend of National and State Championships

Cayuga Trails 50 - USATF 50 Mile National Championships
This looks familiar                                                photo: iRunFar/Meghan Hicks 

Sage wins yet another USATF National Championship (add it to the list), this time it was the US 50 Mile National Champs, at the Cayuga Trails 50 in Ithaca, NY. His time of 6:47:48 bested second place by almost 5 minutes.

Congratulations, Sage...again.

Race report of iRunFar.com

Start of the Garden of the Gods 10 Mile.
The Garden of the Gods 10 Mile, which so happened to be the USATF CO State 10 Mile Championships, turned into the Garden of the Kenyans 10 Mile race with Olympic finalists, international marathon champions and just plain fast people all around.

Team Colorado's Neil "Big McD" McDonagh finally skillfully dodges bodily emissions and places 12th OA, and 5th USATF CO, in a time of 55:29 in the highly competitive race.

"No bodily emissions" Big McD states.

Tommy "One Man Wolf Pack" Manning finishes in 1:01:09 for 25th place, taking some time to enjoy the belly dancers on the course.

Manning, in the background in green, approaching the belly dancing                   photo: PikesPeakSports.us

Peter Maksimow lead for most of the race...however, he was on a bike doing the filming.

Photographic evidence that shows Maksimow leading    photo: PikesPeakSports.us


  1. Another classic write-up Peter. Nice camera work also!

  2. Thanks C.J.! We appreciate the feedback--even if it's negative! Although, the Kenyans did all of the work, I just had to ride and bike for the footage and play scrabble to see what words would go in the article.

    I have the whole race on film (mostly the male leaders). I will get that up on some sort of media site soon for all the non-Kenyans to see what happens up front.

  3. Would be cool to see how the race played out among the leaders and where the gaps started. Look forward to seeing some of that footage when you get it up.

    You guys leaving for NH today or tomorrow? Good timing to get out of these smoky conditions for a couple days. These fires are just surreal. Never would have imagined experiencing the worst two fires in Colorado Springs history within our first 14 months here.

  4. Maksimow 1 - Kenyan 0

    Game On!