Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Team Colorado Scores Victories

It was another busy weekend for Team Colorado out there!

Tommy "One Man Wolf Pack" Manning won his second straight Run to the Shrine 10K in a time of 39:59. What he hoped would be a one man wolf pack, turned into a two man wolf pack with second place, Scott Spillman, 6 seconds behind him at the finish.

Speaking of wolves, the race was run through the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, past lions and tigers and bears. They even tried to capture Manning at one point, thinking he was an escaped wolf.

All the proceeds from the Run to the Shrine races go to support the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. It is rumored that Manning received an elephant dung medal for his victory.

Manning in his one man wolf pack                photo: PikesPeakSports.us

Out in the Montrose, CO, Simon Gutierrez had his mountain running season opening at the Black Canyon Ascent and won this 6 mile ascent with his third fastest time ever in 40:37, collecting his 4th all-time victory at this race. Then, he attempted to take the easy way off the Canyon rim with his Hoka Bondi. They are not that cushioned, Gute!

Gute thinks his big shoes will pad his jump from atop

Out in the Midwest, Peter Maksimow ran the Apple Blossom 5K in the beautiful St. Croix River Valley in Hastings, MN. He won in a time of  16:46 and was upset that there were no apples after the race. But you can't put the horse before the carriage or have the chicken before the egg, or, most importantly, have the apples before the blossoms.

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  1. Peter, something tells me you weren't going all out in that 5k :-) What brought you out to MN? Any snow?