Friday, February 1, 2013

2013 - Happy New Year!

Year 2 for Team Colorado! Yeahhhh, dogg!

This last month has flown by but Team Colorado has been at it as usual. Gute has been wearing the fat shoes, Tommy is coming back from injury, Peter is still injured, Rickey has been doing some stair climbing, Mark has turned 40 and feeling younger than ever, and Glenn has been schooling the roadies on the road...heh, I thought we were a mountain running team!?

Yes we are!

Here is the news:

Simon Gutierrez ran the January 1st Rescue Run 5k in Colorado Springs taking 2nd OA in 17:27. He next ran the Nielson Challenge 2 Mile in 10:51 for a 2nd place finish on January 5th. Gute has also run the Pikes Peak Road Runners' Winter Series Race #1: 3.3 miles in 18:37, 3rd place & Race #2: 4 miles in 22:35, 9th place.
Gute rockin' the Scrambled Legs socks at the PPRR Winter Series #1

Peter Maksimow won a small 5k in Montpelier, VT in 18:37, fittingly called "New Year's Eve 5k"on the last day of 2012 (December 31, 2012 for you Luddites) after not having run a step for 8 weeks due to injury. "Wow, I forgot how difficult running was!!!" Maksimow exclaimed.

Beer and Running: Peter's two favorite things!

Maksimow also ran the first two Pikes Peak Road Runners' Winter Series Short Course in an attempt to get back into shape as part of the team Scrambled Legs. Race #1: 3.3 miles in 20:14, 7th place & Race #2: 4 miles in 22:51, 11th place.

Tommy won the first two Pikes Peak Road Runners' Winter Series Long Course Races #1: 7 miles in 45:05, 1st place & Race #2: 8 miles in 46:58, 1st place. He is coming back from an ankle injury.
Tommy sporting the Ireland shorts (he's the one that looks like a Leprechaun)

Mark Misch will be competing in the USA XC Masters Championships in St. Louis on Feb. 2.

Glenn Randall rocked the Rock 'n' Roll Arizona Half Marathon, placing 4th OA in 1:07:27. Proof that mountain and trail runners can still duke it out on the roads with...well, the roadies!

Rickey Gates will be running up a bunch of stairs at the Empire State Building Run-Up.

Alex Nichols is gearing up for some uphill snow running at the Winter Games Vail Uphill.

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