Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Misch takes 16th at USA XC Master's Nationals, Manning footballs it, and Rickey climbs some stairs

Team Colorado's Mark Misch, after recently entering the realm of "master," place 16th OA at the 2013 USA Cross Country Nationals in the Master's 8k race running an impressive time of 27:56. The race was held at Forest Park in St. Louis, MO on February 2nd.

Here is his review:

The conditions were about as expected for St. Louis in early February. There was a brisk wind, the temperature was probably mid 20's, the course was a 2k loop with three good hills each lap. The ground was soft / muddy in spots from the snow melt that week. I started fairy conservative and moved up the whole race to the finish. I felt great aerobically, just no leg speed. I think I needed another lap or two! There were 127 men in the master's race, I finished 16th. I think I need another cross country race or two to knock the rust off and get the rhythm back of racing on grass, mud, etc. and the back and forth tempo that comes with racing cross country.

Mark is the head men's cross country coach at UCCS and will be hosting a Kenya Dinner Night after recently returning from a trip to Kenya with his team. At this event, Kenyan food will be served and funds will be raised to in order to supply more teachers at a school which the UCCS team adopted in Kenya.

photo: Michael Scott
In Colorado Springs, Tommy Manning took the win at the Game Day 5k in 17:15, which was part of the Super Half Marathon.

Tommy getting chased down by legendary race timing extraordinar, Dave Sorenson, of the Pikes Peak Road Runners
photo: Tim Bergsten
Tommy is now a proud citizen of Macedonia! Yeahhhhh!

In stair climbing news, Rickey Gates placed 3rd at the 36th Empire State Building Run-Up on Feb. 6th. This race up 1,576 steps and 86 floors took Rickey 11:01 to complete. This is his 3rd time in that he has been runner up to the runner up.

Gates getting crushed against the marble wall                                                photo:AP

Nice eye patch                         photo: Rickey Gates

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