Monday, October 1, 2012

Pikes Peak Road Runners Fall Series #1 - Creek Running

Team Colorado's Justin Ricks and Peter Maksimow place 3rd and 6th, respectively, in the Pikes Peak Road Runners Fall Series race #1, which included a 3/4 mile upstream creek section. Yeah, it was as bad as it sounds. Justin's face says it all:
                        Justin in a very soft sand bar through the disturbingly contaminated Monument Creek. Gross!

Sadist race director, Larry Miller, creates these extreme cross country-style courses hoping that people will win the Pink Cast Award (aka hurt themselves). “The [creek] depth was a little higher than usual because of the storms we have had lately,” Miller said with a smile. Thanks Larry!

    Maksimow (beard) and Ricks (5188) try to take on the fast didn't work!

Fall Series #2 takes place at Bear Creek Regional Park on October 14 and will include a 30-foot rope climb up a 75 degree embankment.

Race start video on

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