Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pikes Peak Road Ascent - Sub-Freezing temps, Yetis and White Beards

On Sunday, October 7th, Simon Gutierrez and Peter Maksimow took to the Pikes Peak Auto Road to run the Pikes Peak Road Ascent 10K. The start line temps were in the low 20's and the gain of 1,550 feet in altitude and windy conditions only made for more frigidness.

    The mid-soles of Simon's Hokas kept his toes far enough away from the ground so that his toes didn't freeze

After taking out the race in a fast first mile, Maksimow realized that his legs and a few toes were frozen, along with his beard. Gutierrez took over and went on to win in a time of 42:24. Maksimow was 2nd in 44:46. Local race machine and running reaper, Gerald Romero, was 3rd in 47:43.

Yeah, it was that cold!

Along the course, there are signs warning of Big Foot sighting. The cold weather brought one curious Sasquatch out to see what all to commotion was about on the auto road.

Kind of a disturbing photo...if you are afraid of Yetis

                                  Mistaken for a Yeti (as well as Santa Claus) a few times along the course

                                      Simon and Peter take the first two podium spots

Photos, videos and results of the race at PikesPeakSports.us

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