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Sage "The Rage" Canaday talks about his Pikes Peak Ascent Victory and WMRA World Long Course Challenge Gold

Team Colorado caught up with the 2014 WMRA World Long Course Challenge and Pikes Peak Ascent Champion, Sage Canaday, and asked him about the race. Here is how it went.

Team Colorado: First of all, congratulations on your victory at the World Long Course Challenge at the Pike Peak Ascent in a time of 2:10:03, not to mention your Uphill Challenge at OR, Speedgoat…so many others that we don't want to have you sit through the long list…and I'm sure you know them all, you were there!

The last time your ran the Pikes Peak Ascent you struggled badly the last few miles. You were described as looking like a one of those collapsing animal toys that springs back up when you release the buttons on either side. Did you feel that way? Maybe we should make a Team Colorado collapsing Sage Canaday doll!? This time you got your piece of Pikes Peak. What was your nutrition plan for the race knowing what happened in 2012?

Sage: My nutrition plan was to fill my Ultimate Direction fanny pack full of gel and consume it in blobs. I was also looking to get in an Avery IPA near the top with about a mile to go, but no crewing was allowed out on the course. If I had that IPA in me I would've cracked 2:10 for sure!

Team Colorado: You mentioned that this was the first time you had to pee in a cup (aka get drug tested). That's a bit of a surprise since you have done a lot of other races with larger prize purses. There is quite a lot of money in some of the larger ultra races, which is starting to attract athletes trying to get their piece of the pie. What is your take on drug testing in mountain, trail, ultra running?

Sage: The more testing the better. For me it was an honor as know I feel like I've finally made it in the sport (since I got tested). I think to really catch people they need to do out of season testing and always make it a surprise, though!

Team Colorado: You did not "Pull a GR" like most Pikes Peak Ascent winners have done in recent years to win, but it sounded like you ran a smart, tactical race. Take us through it, especially when you went from 3rd to 1st in the last mile.

Sage: I don't have a high enough Vo2max to take it out hard like a lot of the guys so I was pretty forced to sit back and wait. I knew from some workouts that my strength this year was probably going to be the last 3 miles so I waited until then to make my move. It really wasn't a strong move as my motto in this section is "just don't walk," but at the time it felt intense. I got an extra boost of energy when I saw first and second place close together and I figured if I didn't give it everything I had to try catch up and win I'd regret it for the rest of my life. With about half a mile to go I put my head down and gave it everything I had...including a slow powerhike up the golden stairs (which was all I could muster).

Just before the pass, 400 meters to go            photo:

Team Colorado: If you could have any nickname, what would it be? "Rage" was a nickname in college, but you don't seem like an angry person. We also don't want to refer to you as a shrub or a philosopher, if you are not into that.

Sage "The Rage": You haven't seen the anger come out yet! Consider yourself lucky. The Rage gets going only after a six pack or two...

Team Colorado: You have been racing, nay, dominating races this year. What is up next for you?

Sage: I'm going to do the Rut 50km SkyRunning World Series Ultra Final. Killian Jornet is supposed to come so it will be an intense race!

Team Colorado: We know of this Kilian, he was in one of our blog posts once and was pretending to be Miley Cirus. You know, if you take out your time from this year's Pikes Peak Ascent but you keep in the The Prez's time, he has run a faster time than you did back in 2012 (2:21:16). How do you feel about that? Does it make you angry? Are you feeling the "Rage" now?

Sage: I'm happy for The Prez. He put down a solid race!

Team Colorado: We were just testing you to see if you turned green and got all muscly!

Sage: Nope, not yet.

Team Colorado: On a very important topic, what beer did you have after your Pikes Peak Ascent victory?

Sage: Avery's classic IPA.

Team Colorado: Ah, yes, lots of antioxidants in a good IPA. Tell us about your upcoming film, MUT Runner.

Sage "The Rage": MUT (Mountain-Ultra-Trail) Runner is a film project that I'm releasing at the end of next month. It's about a movement I see in the sport in terms of more competition, increased sponsorship opportunities, changes in training philosophy, the role of prize money and falling course records. I've interviewed a lot of top MUT Runners and gotten their take on things as well as included scenic footage from my travels around the world. It's going to be about 25-30 minutes long and will be available on DVD and digital download.

Team Colorado: I know, I know, you've been itching to do it, so go ahead, plug your sponsors!

Sage "The Rage": Naw, but everyone should follow me on Twitter and Instagram: @SageCanaday. That way you can see all the shameless product plugs from my sponsors!

Team USA Gold                                          photo: The Prez

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