Monday, July 8, 2013

Team Colorado Creates Fireworks...which are still illegal in Colorado Springs, FYI

There were some fireworks this week as Team Colorado ran some fast races at home, abroad and that place right across the pond from Russia.

Mount Marathon - Seward, AK

Team Colorado's Rickey Gates broke the 32-year-old record in the Mount Marathon race in Seward, Alaska, however, finished second to Eric Strabel, who won in a time of 42:55. Gates also bested the long-standing previous record with his 43:04 considering he slide Pete Rose-style and dislocated his shoulder. 

The race consists of 3.5 miles up and back down Mount Marathon with 3,022 vertical feet of elevation gain and the same amount of elevation loss.

On the way up...that's a real town in the background!                                 photo: Erik Hill

This is the easy part                                                  photo: Ira Edwards

Oh Shit!!!                                                                photo: Erik Hill

Rickey taking flight                         photo: Nicholas Zweifel

Here is what he looked like shortly after the slide.

And he still has his batting gloves on...nice!                photo: Ira Edwards
We don't have photographic evidence of the slide, so this will have to do.

Sliding headfirst is the safest way to get to the next base, I think, and the fastest. You don't lose your momentum, and there's one more important reason I slide headfirst, it gets my picture in the paper.
-Pete Rose

Way to get to second base, Rickey!
-Pete Maksimow

To show the extremeness of Mount Marathon, take a look at this video by Robert Arnold.

Gates didn't want to show up his mother, who placed 2nd in the 1969 Mount Marathon, so he settled for 2nd place.

Alaskan television aired a clip about Rickey's Pete Rose impression. Check out 2:05 into the news cast on the KTVA Alaska news reel. 

Sliding headfirst gets you mentioned on the news stations.



IAU Trail World Championships, North Wales

Justin Ricks represented the USA (and Team Colorado, by the way...'Merica!) at the IAU Trail World Championships in North Wales finishing the 75 km in a time of 6:43:24 to place 28th place overall and 4th among the USA men. Team USA consisted of David Riddle, Brian Rusiecki, Ben Newphew, Justin Ricks and Dave James (welcome back to Inov-8, Dave).

The host town was Llanrwst and the race took place in Gwydyr Forest Park, along with a few other really difficult-to-pronounce places.

Justin said, "It was a really long day. I started off feeling great and ran in the top ten for the first twenty miles. I even felt as if though I was running very conservative and was going to gain places towards the end of the race but by the third lap the temperatures started to affect me. It was happy that even through difficult times I was able to finish and I was very proud to wear a team USA jersey."

' know the rest

Vail Hill Climb - Vail, CO

Simon "Gute" Gutierrez shows that racing has no age limits as he wins the Vail Hill Climb in Vail, CO in a time of 51:34.

Mark Misch placed a solid 9th overall in a time 56:22 and 2nd in the Master's category behind Gute. 

Way to go Masters! 

Gute with the women's overall winner, Ashlee Nelson     photo: Amy Perez

Also, special congrats goes out to Amy Perez for her 15 minute PR at the Hill Climb. We hear Kim Dobson is coaching you!


Summer Trail Roundup 12K - Colorado Springs, CO

Neil "Big McD" McDonagh and Tommy "One Man Wolf Pack" Manning ran the second leg of  the Triple Crown of Running , the Summer Roundup Trail Run 12k and picked up some checks in doing so. 

Big McD (571) and Wacker (683) taking it out fast               photo: Brandon Stapanowich

Big McD rocked the mullet (mullet meaning the course) and finished 2nd overall in a time of 45:20 behind CU grad Andy Wacker (not an alias!). Manning placed 3rd overall with a 46:16.

Big McD, Manning and Wacker (L toR) posing for a Glamor Shot       photo: Pete Rose

One ManWolf Pack               photo: Brandon Stapanowich
Big McD     photo: Brandon Stapanowich


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