Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Racing in the Dirty South to the Wild West

It has been a busy couple of weeks for Team Colorado racing all across the country from Savannah, GA to Little Rock, AK and Pasadena, CA and in the home state of CO.

Savannah, GA

On February 23rd, Peter Maksimow ran the rainy Seacrest Partners Race for Preservation 5K/10K in Savannah, GA, capturing the win in the 10k in 34:08 after starting the race planning on running the 5k. The problem was that there was no volunteers at the turnaround point and no course markers (well, there probably were but they might have been chalk markers and it was raining fairly hard--you can probably figure out what happened with that!). 

After a high school kid wearing a florescent yellow shirt with the name "Calhoun" across his back baseball-style took the race out like a bat out of hell, there was another race that had begun. A guy on a bike cheering on the leaders (probably Calhoun Senior) bid us a good race and said "beat the train!" No, he was not kidding. The loud horn of the train could be heard from quite a distance away and the pace quickened as the leaders and train approached the intersection together. The first two leaders made it through and a second high school kid (maybe another Calhoun???) had to sprint before the train bisected the race course, cutting off the rest of the field.

Two miles into the race, Peter realized that he had not yet seen a turnaround point and stopped to ask a police officer along the course. "Oh, yeah, you passed it a long time ago! You might as well keep going, you're winning the 10k!" Luckily, there was a lead police car and a badly fading Calhoun who also expected to run the 5k. The rest was uneventful other than alcohol could be consumed on public streets in Savannah!

What a great photo!                                   photo:

The Running USA 10th Industry Conference was taking place in Savannah, GA, February 24-26.

Black Forrest, CO

Nice socks, Gute!                                                    photo:
In the forth and final race of the Pikes Peak Road Runners Winter Series, Simon Gutierrez laid down a 35:25 10K time en route to a 4th place finish in Black Forrest, CO. The course included snow covered dirt and paved roads and took place at an altitude of 7,300 feet. This secured the overall team title for Scrambled Legs.

Gute (#4489) and fellow teammate Logan Wealing finishing       photo:

Little Rock, AR

And down in the dirty south in the little town of Little Rock, AR, Justin Ricks ran the Little Rock Marathon, placing 8th OA in 2:34:32. He used this marathon as preparation for future races. Ricks has been on a tear lately, recently winning the Red Hot 33K in Moab, UT in course record time, the first race of the La Sportiva Mountain Cup Series.
Ricks got instagramed at the Little Rock Marathon                       photo: Denise Ricks


Pasadenda, CA

Glenn Randall gave the road runners a run for their money at the Rock 'n' Roll Pasadena Half Marathon. He battled it out with Hungarian mountain runner Adam Kovacs to finish 2nd OA in 1:07:08. Are the mountain runners taking over the roads!!!???

Randall (#4) and Kovacs (#15) duel it out in the final miles                                            


  1. That Savannah race write up had me laughing :-) Good stuff

  2. Glad to hear it! I am trying to make up for my lack of fitness with my humor, luckily it is working!