Monday, November 12, 2012

Another Incline Beer Mile and the last Fall Series Race

The second edition of the Incline Beer Mile took place on Saturday, November 10th. The small field of 6 had to endure the incline masses, the raining of snow pellets and foamy beer (considering each participant had to carry their own beer with them).

Note the winning technique - getting the beer down your throat as quickly as possible.                    Photo: Andy Wooten
Peter Maksimow defended his title in a pedestrian 30:56, with JT (Jon Teshier) claiming the second spot and Liz Sanchez of Denver close behind him in 3rd OA, setting a new women's CR in 42:58.

This is what the Incline Beer Mile looked like back in November of '82!                                                Photo: Amy Perez

The next day at the Pikes Peak Road Runners Fall Series race #4, Justin Ricks come off a 2nd place at the USATF Trail Marathon Championship a week ago to place 2nd OA in 47:06 at the 7.3 mile trail race at Palmer Park in Colorado Springs, CO. He solidified his 2nd place in the series behind overall and series winner, Robby Young.

Justin trying to stay warm in the sub-30 degree weather

Peter Maksimow finished 6th OA in 49:56 and pretty much just stank it up, losing positions in the overall series. Alex  "Axel" Nichols just put in an easy effort to keep an injury at bay in his preparation for the North Face 50 Mile in a few weeks.

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