Friday, June 22, 2012

Meet the Team: Glenn Randall

Name:  Glenn Randall

Age:  25

Hometown:  Collbran, CO

Current residence:  Mesa, CO

Sponsors:  PowerBar, New Balance

Personal Bests:  10km - 30:00.40
Marathon - 2:20:40
Almost all the rest of my PR's are en route to one of those.

Notable Achievements:  Dartmouth College Class of 2009 (physics)
2007 NCAA Skiing Team Champion
2008 NCAA Nordic Skiing 10km Freestyle (skating) Individual Champion
2010 Mount Evans Ascent Champion
2010 Vail Hill Climb Champion
2010 Pikes Peak Ascent Champion
2012 Black Canyon Ascent Champion/Record Holder
2012 US Mountain Running Team Qualifier/Team National Champions (Team Colorado)

Goals for 2012:  Learn to push myself to new levels of pain on any given day and any given race.

Favorite trails:  A network of trails and 4wd roads on the Grand Mesa. If you're going to run them, bring a map. Seriously, everything looks about the same up there and it's pretty easy to get turned around.

Favorite workout:  A hill workout that also happens to be my least favorite workout.

Favorite races:  Sierre-Zinal
Pikes Peak Ascent


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