Saturday, May 5, 2012

Meet the Team: Mark Misch

Name: Mark Misch

Age: 39 (will turn 40 on November 14th, looking forward to competing as a masters runner in the year ahead)

Hometown: Grew up in Coffeyville, Kansas USA

Current residence: Colorado Springs

Sponsors: Me, myself and I

Personal Bests: From what decade? Ha :)

Notable Achievements: Just a guy who really enjoys to run and coach, has been blessed to see a lot of the world through the sport and meet a lot of wonderful people.

Goals for 2012: A) Just enjoy the process everyday B) compete as a masters runner is a few USATF Championships if possible.

Favorite trails: Gold Camp Road

Favorite workouts: Gradual hill repeats, long threshold efforts or fartlek.

Favorite races: In recent years probably the Vail Hill Climb.

The Colorado Springs FREE City-Wide Cross Country Camp

UCCS Men's Cross Country

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